E3 2020 games

E3 2020 games

With the beginning of the year kicking off with a series of push backs for big game releases, the best thing to do is look ahead at the prospect of the E3 2020 games we’ve got to look forward to. The bad news is that these include a few of the late arrivals this year, but on the positive front there are a lot of great rumours to discuss and there are bound to be a few surprise game announcements too.

Firstly, E3 2020 will take place between the 9th and the 11th June, with the various presentations taking place over the weekend before the conference as ever, so that’s the 6th, 7th and 8th June this year. Sony PlayStation has already confirmed that it won’t be there again in 2020 having dropped the event from its schedule last year, so it’s not all blue skies for the event.

There’s a lot of speculation that the event is sort of doomed as a result, but with Xbox, Nintendo, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix and the PC presentation all still on the cards it seems unlikely. There should be more than enough games announced and featured this year to help it remain the biggest event in the gaming calendar, but we’ll see how things shake out in June.

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Games that should be at E3 2020

Firstly, there are a few games that were initially scheduled for release in Q1 2020 that have subsequently been put back to after the event, so these are bound to feature at E3 2020. This includes Marvel’s Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077, with both games getting pushed back until September. 

Either this is to capitalise on a better sales period or to patch in some further development to help the reviews, but either way, the date change means we’re bound to see them both in some capacity at E3. The other option is that they’ve been delayed to port them up to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is expected around September and again he event is the perfect place to announce something like that. Although, in the case of Marvel’s Avengers it would probably be one for the PlayStation Experience event as an exclusive title.

It’s a similar story for two of Ubisoft’s big reveals at last year’s event, Gods And Monsters and Watch Dogs: Legion. Neither have official release dates any more, so this call land during its presentation, but the expectation is that they’ve been put back to the winter holidays to line up with the new console launches.

Other confirmed 2020 titles that are bound to feature include Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight Simulator. We should also get an update on where we are with Byond Good And Evil 2, Dying Light 2, The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 and Metro Prime 4, following their inclusion last year and very little else inbetween.

Other previously announced titles we should see more of include Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which will be one of the first titles to come out on the Xbox Series X, Diablo IV and Eathworm Jim 4, which will bizarrely be an exclusive for the 2D focused Intellivision Amico console. We’ll update our list of E3 2020 game as we get closer to the presentation with high hopes for some epic surprise announcements.

E3 2020 games rumours

There are plenty of game rumours that have got the legs to feature at E3 2020. A new Bioshock game is hotly tipped, along with Battletoads, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls VI, Payday 3 and a sequel to the Arkham Knight series. However, the most defined rumour is for a Viking-themed Assassin’s Creed titled Ragnarok, which could easily be released in time for Christmas 2020. 

There’s also a lot of chat online about the prospect of Grand Theft Auto 6 and Final Fantasy XVI, but these are outside contenders for a 2020 reveal. You can add Resident Evil 8 and a sequel to Far Cry Primal to the list of low chance possibilities too.

Surprise announcements we’d like to see at E3 2020

Not to second guess things too much, but we wanted to throw in a few suggestions/hopes in terms of possible surprise announcements. E3 2020 is a particularly important one with the upcoming launch of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X and while the former will have no impact the latter has got a lot of potential. Early shouts from us include a 9th gen Banjo Kazooie title, which would be incredible, a sequel to Ryse Son Of Rome, Dead Rising 5, and a Quantum Break sequel. A Far Cry 6 release announcement is probably a little further down the road, but you never can tell with Ubisoft.

Nintendo would also be a good source of surprise announcements with a Nintendo Switch-based Pikmin game, sequel to Super Mario Odyssey and a Donkey Kong 3D platform game all being high up on the list. A new Rogue Squadron game would also be welcome, and while we’re talking about flight sim fighters a genuinely impressive Star Fox game would be nice to see, but it would need to go way way beyond the scope of the previous update in the series.

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