Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness lighters

Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness LightersUbisoft touched back down recently with a whole new adventure in the Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkess DLC and the toughest challenge is finding all of the eight lighters in the densely packed Vietnamese jungle location. The vast majority of the game is a stealth blitz through enemy territory as you try to get out of the situation, rescuing the rest of your downed helicopter buddies on the way, but to complete the add-on 100% you’ll also need to track down the illusive lighters.

The good news is that none of them are too far off the beaten track, so you won’t need to go traipsing through the steep fringe undergrowth on the outskirts of the map. Equally, you should be able to find most of them by accident as you take out each location on the map, but there are a couple that you might find illusive, so hopefully our rundown of the location of each of the eight lighters comes in handy.

You can check them out on the map in the video below to get a good idea of where you’ll find the crashed pilots carrying them. However, if you’re still having difficulties, there’s more detail for each of them below.

Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness lighters walkthrough

Lighter #1

You’ll find the first lighter as you round the top section of the map after you liberate West Valley Camp. Head east and you’ll find the crashed airforce pilot a lighter further east of the River Warehouse, as you can see in the map image above.

Lighter #2

The second lighter is directly to the south of there, just below the Prison Camp. It’s at the top of the tallest peak in the vicinity and the parachute direction should lead you to the pilot’s remains.

Lighter #3

Even further south and just to the east of River Forks Bunker, you’ll find the third of the lighters. There’s a fair amount of undergrowth, but as with the majority of them, it’s fairly easy to find once you know the general vicinity on the map.

Lighter #4

This is perhaps the most difficult lighter to find, as it appears relatively early on in the game, but there’s a whole load of Agent Orange to keep you from going anywhere near it. However, when you think logically about the item collection challenge, it makes sense for developers to stash one here. It’s on the northern side of the miasma that will choke you, which you can see pinpointed on the map above just to the north of Ghost Village Camp.

The pilot is a little more tricky to find than the others, but he isn’t too far away from his parachute, so don’t be fooled into trawling too far away from the area.

Lighter #5

Next up, head out east of Crocodile Beach and you should find number five, a little north of Temple Gun.

Lighter #6

There’s yet another lighter close to Temple Gun. If you follow up #5 and head east of the Triple-A facility, you should run into the location of the sixth pilot crash site.

Lighter #7

The last couple of lighters are located in the final furlong of the map, just before you head up to the extraction point to complete the game. #7 can be found to the south-west of Firebase Bravo, yet another of the AA Gun locations.

Lighter #8

Finally, you’ll discover the last of the crash sites to the north-east of East Sector Bunker. With that, and if you’ve been following along with our Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness walkthrough, you should be free to head up to the extraction point to complete the game 100%.