Frankie Boyle’s US Presidency Autopsy sets its sights on America

Frankie Boyle's American AutopsyFollowing on from his acerbic scimitar dissection of the Scottish referendum and the General Election, Frankie Boyle is about to turn his attentions westwards with his US Presidency Autopsy. Airing during the week of the US presidential election, it’s going to have a lot of questionable material to cover with Trump firmly in the firing line as he battles it out with Hilary Clinton for the US presidency.

While Clinton has the initial majority, as well as her own questions to answer, which are bound to face the wrath of Boyle during the show, it’s still all to play for with numbers too close for comfort. The crazy thing is that if the EU referendum has taught us anything it’s that national votes are impossible to predict, so even though Trump looks like he might be out for the count right now, he could still end up as the next US president. If that isn’t enough to put you off your Weetabix, we don’t know what is. Luckily, however it all shakes out, we’ll have a vicious laugh at it all with Frank’s comic scalpel landing with a fair amount of pinpoint precision.


The show will feature a mix of Frankie’s Americana-infused stand-up comedy, as well as a review of the political landscape in the US in the run up to the presidential election. There will also be a general discussion on the sensicality of modern day USA, as well as an element of audience interaction, which we’re hoping will inspire some off-the-cuff c-bombing from the Scottish hacksaw and 4×4 wielding freedom fighter.

In addition to the company of the audience, he’ll be joined by fellow comedians Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe as they try to slice their was under the thick skin of an America that has Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as its best possible candidates for the presidency. There will also be a series of experts throwing their take into the cauldron and with such a high stakes presidential election race, it could easily turn out to be a precursor to an unfair foul tragedy of Shakespearean proportions in itself.

The show is being filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Asylum Chapel in Peckham, South London, on the 8th November 2016, following the announcement of the results from the US election. It will premier on BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Monday the 14th November 2016, so you’ll be able to look back on the entire farce with Frankie riffing like a ginger bearded Santana stuck in a mid-solo time loop.

We’re pretty hopeful that the result doesn’t go in favour of Trump, but there are more than enough muppets around to make it a distinct possibility. Imagine a word with a giant wall separating Mexico and the USA, Donald and Vlad as bosom buddies and carte blanch for lady pestering, as long as your asset valuation amounts to upwards of nine digits, the dozy feck. It’s just a shame Franco isn’t unleashing his creative cutlass westwards ahead of the election.

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