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Paterson (film) starring Adam DriverIf you’ve got a soft spot for Jim Jarmusch, poetry and Adam Driver, then you might want to take a sideways look at new indie flick, Paterson, which features the trio. All wrapped up in one very unassuming story of the life and times of a bus driver called Paterson from a city called Paterson in New Jersey, it’s already picked up a fair amount of critical acclaim following its premier at Cannes 2016 where it competed for the Palm d’Or.

The trailer (below) looks entrancing in a small-scale kind of way and despite the less is more stance, it manages to draw you in to the story of the central character. Jim Jarmusch has made a huge contribution to independent cinema over the years with a lot of variation in the mix, ranging from the quiet assassinations of Limits Of Control to the anthology concept of Coffee And Cigarettes, and his latest work delivers yet another layer of genius.

Release date

Paterson has been slated for a UK release date of Friday the 25th November 2016, a fair way in advance of the US release on the 28th December 2016. It’s box office competition in the UK will be a slightly random mix with Christmas fast approaching, taking in Brad Pitt wartime thriller Allied, the sequel nobody expected in Bad Santa 2 and Rosamund Pike biographical rom-dram A United Kingdom, so hopefully it’s got a good window to get the attention is appears to deserve.


Paterson (the guy, not the place, or the film for that matter) is a bus driver with a flare for poetry, which he writes in his notebook, inspired by the people he comes across in his everyday life. However, they largely stay within the confines of the notebook, despite moral support from his dreamer wife, Laura, to get them published.

Laura changes her ambitions almost daily, but Paterson sticks to a fairly unchanging sequence of events each and every day: Following the bus route he works on, watching the city around him and listening to the people on his bus; writing his poetry, walking his dog, stopping at the same bar for a single beer and going home to spend the evening with his wife.

It’s essentially a tour de force homage to the mini ups, downs, wins and losses that people go through in their daily lives, while also finding the time to highlight the poetic nature of it all within the fabric of quiet, beautiful and exciting humdrum.


Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) stars as Paterson and he’s joined by Golshifteh Farahani as his wife Laura.


Jim Jarmusch (Limits Of Control) directed the film, making it his twelfth feature movie to-date in a career that spans back to 1980 when he debuted with Permanent Vacation. As he has for all of his films, Jim is also the screenwriter for Paterson, continuing a long history of genuine autur cinema. Frederick Elmes is the director of photography and music is by Sqürl.

If you haven’t seen any of Jarmusch’s previous work, you can check out a solid top five from the BFI. He’s pretty prolific on Twitter too, if you’re looking for directors to follow.

First impressions

It looks like Jim, Adam and poetry have done come together beautifully to create great characters and a low key, but entrancing story. The trailer gives it the impression of being memorable in the extreme, and with such solid reviews and positive reception in general following its film festival screenings earlier in the year, it’s looking as though that’s exactly what its going to be when it comes out in the UK in November 2016.

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