French Connection Man picks for Autumn Winter 2013

While French Connection Man doesn’t have the same iconically masculine model choices this year as it has previously, that hasn’t stopped the autumn and winter 2013 collection from being just as well stocked with great picks. It’s always been a fair bit more expensive compared to high street names like Topman, Zara, H&M and Gap, but there are definitely the odd one or two items that are worth spending a little extra for or to use as inspiration to find a less pricey alternative on the high street.

Here’s our selection of what we think are the best picks out of the FC A/W range to give you a nod in the right direction:

Coats and jackets

If you’re looking for a good quality coat this winter with a bit of stand-out flare, there are a few good options from French Connection to check out. Our favourite is the soft grey knitted pea coat, which combines the classic style of the coat’s design with a unique knitted look and feel. There’s also a very serious padded Antarctica coat if you’re looking for some serious warmth during the chilly months ahead, and a lot of leather jacket options if looking cool is more important to you than looking toasty.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 coats and jackets
Antarctica wadded coat £195, Sabah leather biker jacket £300, knitted pea coat £229

Jumpers and knits

There are a whole lot of great fashion picks in this year’s French Connection knitwear range and all of them are good for being highlight pieces, so their higher price tag has got some style justification as well as the quality side of things. Their Man ray knitted jumper is a classic grey cable and ribbed knit with navy sleeves and grey cuffs, which looks ace, and both the Man gridlock sparkle jumper and the Polar Gingham knitted sweater will help you stand out from the crowd.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 jumpers and knitwear
Man gridlock sparkle jumper £90, man ray knitted jumper £85, polar gingham knitted jumper £70

They’re added to by a cool military twill knit jumper with great detail on the pockets and buttons, a smart artillery cotton wool cardigan and a thick and cosy grey hooded cardie.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 jumpers and knitwear 2
Military twill knit jumper £99, artillery cotton wool cardigan £86, delta hooded cardigan £95


There’s a few too many shirts in the collection that don’t really work all that well, but the good news is that there are also a number of gems to find too. The best of the bunch include the dark grey Emory dot shirt, the broad striped blue button down collar shirt and the patch pocket denim shirt.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 shirts
Emory dot shirt £40, uni broad striped lifeline shirt £40, patch pocket denim shirt £47


Again, t-shirts can be a bit hit and miss with French Connection, but the hits are class, so here’s our best picks. The pigment yarn T is an indie classic and great for layering up with, the zoo print jersey is has a great stand-out style without being in your face and the nowhere printed t-shirt is one of the coolest on the high street at the moment.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 t-shirts
Pigment yarn dyed t-shirt £30, zoo printed jersey t-shirt £20, nowhere printed t-shirt £25


While French Connection Man hasn’t managed to top it’s previous years’ autumn winter accessories, there are a number of good items to choose from. The Nordic Fair Isle knitted mittens, patterned socks and republic scarf are class and will help to contribute to a much warmer seasonal glow this year.

French Connection autumn winter 2013 accessories
Nordic Fair Isle knitted mittens £20, Fair Isle republic scarf £30, warner patterned Fair Isle socks £12

Prices as at time of publication.