Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg go toe-to-toe again in Daddy’s Home 2 – UK release date, cast & trailer

Daddy's Home 2 UK releaseWith the recent arrival of the trailer we’ve had our first glimpse of Will Ferrell’s latest comedy showdown with Mark Wahlberg in Daddy’s Home 2. This time round it’s a Christmas movie, which kind of works well for Ferrell having had such a big hit with Elf, and there are going to be even more dads in the mix of the fractious equation.

Sean Anders will be back in the director’s chair and the Ferrel/Wahlberg combo will have the addition of Mel Gibson, John Lithgow and wrestler John Cena (Sisters) in the cast. From the look of the trailer it will be continuing on from the end of the first film, with the two dads starting off on a good footing, but the arrival of their own dads tip things over the edge into rivalry once again.


Release date

The Daddy’s Home 2 UK release date has been scheduled for the 22nd November 2017, which is a couple of days earlier than tennis biopic Battle Of The Sexes, it’s weekend competition at the box office. However, with Justice League out the week before, it’ll probably have a more to worry about from that than the Emma Stone and Steve Carrel comedy drama.

The film is due out in cinemas in the US on the 10th November 2017, so there should be a fair few reviews to go on before heading out to see it.


Essentially, Christmas is coming up a year after the events of the previous story and the unconventional family has decided to do away with all the travelling and invite the kids’ grandparents to spend holidays with them. They turn out to be direct extensions of Brad and Rusty and it doesn’t take long for tensions to flare up between them, resulting in a lot of comedy mayhem.

If that isn’t enough carnage, Brad goes on to invite the biological dad of their stepdaughter too, and he turns out to be even bigger and badder than Rusty.


Will Ferrell (The Lego Movie) and Mark Wahlberg (Transformers: The Last Knight) lead the cast as Brad and Dusty, the two main dads in the equation and they’ll be joined by Mel Gibson (The Expendables 3) as Dusty’s dad and John Lithgow (The Accountant) as Brads. John Cena joins the cast as Roger, the extra dad, and Linda Cardellini (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) returns once again as Sarah Whitaker, Brad’s wife and Rusty’s ex.



Sean Anders directs Daddy’s Home 2 having done the same for the original film back in 2015, and following on from his directorial debut on Horrible Bosses 2. Paramount pictures are distributed worldwide and you can see more from the production on the official film Facebook page.

First impressions

With Daddy’s Home 2 you should expect more irreverent comedy with Will Ferrell doing his usual bang-up job when it comes to dumber than dumb fun movies. It’s probably not going to pick up many five star reviews, but it’s bound to make a fair few cinema audiences laugh when it gets released this November. The addition of the old-school big-name cast members should give it a little more appeal too.

The wintry setting is inevitably going to make for good timing to draw in any tinsel-loving cinemagoers, so it could do OK at the box office despite being over-shadowed by Justice League.

Daddy’s Home 2 trailer:

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