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Brad Pitt in Fury (2014)Brad Pitt (World War Z 2) returned to the destruction of World War II in his latest film, Fury (2014), which saw him taking charge of a Sherman Tank deep inside Nazi Germany. Looking like a cross between Saving Private Ryan and Inglorious Bastards it’s a brutal return to the battlefield for the 12 Years A Slave star, who’s been scrapping his way through war-based movies since A River Runs Through It back in 1992.

Release date

Fury had a release date in the US of the 17th October 2014, while the UK release date was confirmed for the 22nd October 2014, so the movie arrived at the cinema in time for the end of Autumn, bringing with it a whole lot of tank action. The movie was only available to view in 2D, but in all fairness it doesn’t really miss anything by not having a 3D version to watch with it’s gritty, life-in-war cinematic style.

The DVD release date has also been confirmed as the 23rd February 2015 in the UK, bringing with it the Blu-ray and digital download versions too. However, the US will be getting it a little earlier with a DVD release date of the 27th January 2015.


Brad Pitt takes on the role of a long-serving U.S. Army sergeant known simply as Don “Wardaddy” Collier, who commands a Sherman tank nicknamed “Fury” during the second world war. As the war closes in on it’s final month of the European fighting, he’s deployed, along with his five man crew, deep into enemy territory in the heart of Nazi German to take the fight to the front line.

However, with a new recruit in tow and little support from other divisions, they’re left facing a seemingly unbeatable enemy force with just the fire power of Fury to rely on. As the Sherman faces up against the might of the German Tiger 1, and the vast number of remaining Nazi troops, it’s down to Wardaddy to pull everyone together to lead the assault.


Pitt has been cast alongside Shia LaBeouf (The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman) as Boyd “Bible” Swan, Michael Peña (American Hustle) as Corporal Trini “Gordo” Garcia, and Jon Bernthal (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) as Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis, making up the remaining member of the Fury army tank unit. Logan Lerman (Noah) has been cast as their recently assigned assistant driver Norman “Cobb” Ellison.

The film also stars Jason Isaacs, who you might recognise as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies, along with very cool Russian comedian, actress and model, Eugenia Kuzmina.


Fury (2014) has been directed by David Ayer (End Of Watch), who’s previous work also includes writing Training Day and The Fast And The Furious. Ayer has also written the script for the WWII story, while the music has been scored by Steven Price, who’s previous credits include picking up the Academy Award for Best Original Score for the composition of Gravity, while also composing the likes of Attack The Block and World’s End.

First impressions

If we’re honest, we’re just not convinced by the prospect of Fury. It looks a bit too much like all American heroes of war, blasting the bits out of the Nazi scourge, and in all fairness that’s been done to death many times over in the intervening seventy odd years since the end of World War II, so we’re just not sure what the movie could add to what we already know to be a horrifying and bloody war.

A lot will hinge on the performances of the cast and the overarching storyline delivery. If it can get the human element right then it could end up being an impressive movie, but looking at the trailer below, we’re not not seeing it’s potential right now, making it more likely for a DVD or digital download rental than a trip to the cinema.

Fury (2014) official trailer:

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