Attack the Block review

Attack the BlockIt’s easy to be a bit judgmental of a film that initially seems to advocate inner city crime, but the reality is that Attack the Block is a film about little monsters on the corner of every street. It’s eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. So ask yourself, if you were in their shoes, what would you do? Get butchered, or tool up, protect yourself and your family, and get them before they get you? You’ve only got to watch Tremors for a half decent answer to that.

It’s not all about liberal understanding of inner city problems on the part of writer Joe Cornish (Adam and Joe Show), there’s also a good helping of condemnation too, which is what makes Attack the Block so bang on the money. On top of that, there’s some great action scenes, good laughs and more than enough jumpy bits to keep you hooked.


While there are one or two plummy actor does kid from the block moments, the dialogue on the whole is convincing and fast paced. The addition of public school daddies boy turned hash smokin’, reggae loving fool Brewis (Luke Treadaway) and the dull innocence of Nick Frost’s drug dealer, Ron provide the brevity to the films schlock schlock horror.

However, it is the gang of hoodlum gangsta wannabes that make the film what it is. John Boyega plays gang leader Moses’ transition from crook to hero really well, and the likes of Pest (Alex Esmail) and Biggz (Simon Howard) add to the overall enjoyment of Attack the Block on many fronts. On top of that, Jodie Whittaker plays Sam, the film’s pseudo conscience, without being too much of a goody two shoes and providing a good balance to it all.

To cap it off, the alien monsters are scary, persistent and appear as if from nowhere, delivering more than a few half-jumps out of your seat. Attack the Block is never going to be a shout for best film, but its definitely a good film to watch, with the right amount of pathos to be effective.

Attack the Block film review: 3.7/5