Ghost In The Shell (2017) trailer #2


Ghost In The Shell Trailer 2The Ghost In The Shell trailer #2 is just in and it’s looking every bit the high quality Japanese animation / big budget Hollywood blockbuster crossover it needed to be to impress fans of the series, while also attracting newcomers. The opening teaser trailer did a pretty good job of building initial speculation about the potential of the film, but the latest trailer from Paramount Pictures seals the deal with some impressive sci-fi action and CGI wizardry.

Scarlett Johansson takes on the lead role in the film as cyber crime fighter The Major and you can see from the trailer that all of her big action sequences in films like Captain America: Civil War and Lucy have paid off for Ghost In The Shell. There are some pretty sinister forces for her to face in a complex future in which robotics, AI and humanity have started to converge, making hackers much more dangerous with routes into the mind of its targets.

If you’re not familiar with the Manga series and don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the trailer, you can read more with our Ghost In The Shell release date and film details. Essentially, The Major is a cyborg that heads up the cyber crime unit, Section 9. Their most dangerous foe to-date is about to raise his mechanised head as the hacker terrorist Kuze – who we get our first glimpse of at the end of the trailer – sets out to sabotage the rapid grown in human AI augmentation.

Michael Pitt plays Kuze and he looks pretty freaky with slow movements and a robotic frame. His voice is exacting and drawn out, which suits the all-powerful nature of the character well, but it’s clear from the trailer that this is a layered story with revelations still to come.

While there are more obvious battle lines to begin with between The Major and Kuze, it goes on to indicate that things are much less black and white underneath it all. There are hints that The Major’s story is clouded in mystery and that maybe the enemies aren’t who she thought they were with Kuze telling her, “everything they told you was a lie, you had a family, remember that”.

The visual style and CGI production for Ghost In The Shell looks incredible, resulting in something somewhere between the artwork of the Manga graphic novels that inspired it and the big screen sci-fi visuals you expect from big budget modern day movies. The tank shootout and the sweeping cityscapes are probably the most impressive, but equally the more subtle elements of the robotics of the film are up there with Ex-Machina, so there’s going to be a lot of eye candy to drool over. Check out the trailer #2 below for yourself to see all of the action.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) trailer #2:

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