Groundhog Day play to run at the Old Vic Theatre

Groundhog Day play at the Old Vic TheatreIn a move of infinite genius, the Old Vic Theatre, London will be putting on a theatre adaptation of Groundhog Day, taking the brilliant 1993 film to the West End this summer. However, change is afoot in Punxatawney, PA, and they’ve all broken out in a severe case of singing and dancing, because for some reason it’s being produced as a musical.

While that sounds like a bit of a stretch from the deadpan Bill Murray and Andy McDowell original, the fact that Tim Minchin has written the music and lyrics for the musical goes some way to bring things back towards a more positive position for the play. If that isn’t enough to sway you, it’s also got the original writer, Danny Rubin, in the mix to ensure that the alarm clock magic is still there.

Dates, times and tickets

The show will run for ten-weeks from Friday the 15th July 2016 until Saturday the 17th September 2016 with 7:30pm performances between Monday to Sarurday and 2:30pm matinees on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ticket prices start from £12 and go up to £67.50 for anyone that wants to be able to feel the annunciation spittle caressing their cheeks, nostrils and chin dimple.


If you managed to sleep through the 1990s or you’re too young to remember the Gummy Bears then you may not know about the plot behind the film. For all else you can probably skip this section. For all else you can probably skip this section. It’ssssss Groundhog Day!

When big city weatherman Phil Connors is sent to Punxatawney, Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day, where a groundhog called Punxatawney Pete is supposed to predict the weather for the coming year, things starts to go a bit nipples northward for the Pittsburgh pointer. Having had a dire first day in the cold, and being generally miserable about the whole shindig, he wakes the next morning to find the clocks have reset and he’s forced to relive the day all over again.

Much to his general dismay, one day on repeat turns into an uneding stream and Phil realises that he’s caught in a time loop where he keeps reliving the same day over and over again. However, the more he relives, the more he learns from the day, but can he break the cycle and get off the scariest fairground ride of his life?


The Groundhog Day play at the Old Vic Theatre is being directed by Matthew Warchus and designed by Rob Howell to sit alongside Rubin’s writing. In addition to Tim Minchin’s musical delights, the production will also feature dance and movement choreography from Peter Darling.

First impressions

We’re always distrusting of musicals, especially when it’s a musical adaptation of a such a classic movie like Groundhog Day. It’s like if they tried to make a musical out of The Goonies or The Boy Who Could Fly. However, maybe the Minchin effect, combined with the presence of Danny Rubin on the project, will result in yet another hit West End musical.

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