Is Stranger Things Season 4 the last season?

If you’ve been smashing your way through the latest season then you might be wondering whether or not Stranger Things Season 4 is going to be the last season for the show. If you’ve made it to the end of Volume 1 then you might be completely torn on the matter and that seems like the way the story has pitched things intentionally.

Is Stranger Things 4 the last season

Right now, there’s no official word on it being the last, but we can infer a lot from everything that has happened in the opening seven episodes of Season 4. Plus how all of that links into the previous seasons to set things up for the potential future of the show.

For us, it all hinges on your interpretation of what happened to the Mind Flayer at the end of Season 3. On the face of things it would appear as though the big beast monster got toasted by Joyce, but then it also seemed as though Hopper had bit the dust in the same process and he’s still alive and Demogorgon tail kicking.

The pinch point for this argument is that we see a lot of the Hawkins Upside Down and there isn’t even the faintest whisper of his presence in any of the scenes so far. However, if Hopper survived, then it’s entirely possible that the Mind Flayer did too.

If it did then its clearly taking a back seat to Vecna, and in fact the Hawkins posse sort of say as much when they’re discussing the new monster. They say that if the Demodogs were the Mind Flayer’s foot soldiers then Vecna is his general.

It’s an odd thing to say if they really believe that the Mind Flayer is gone for good. Surely, another option is that Vecna is mounting a charge for control of the Upside Down now that the mighty former ruler is gone for good. However, that’s not the way they’re talking about it.

Instead, they seem to be setting things up for some kind of return for the monster and that Vecna is somehow doing his bidding. If that’s the case then we might just get a reveal of their connection either in the main course of the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4, or in a mid credits cut scene.

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Will Stranger Things 4 be the last season?

Looking at everything in the round, we’ll be very surprised if Stranger Things Season 4 is the last season for the show. Yes, there are a lot of interconnected threads that pull together throughout Volume 1, with 001 and El, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

So much so that we’re fully expecting the announcement for Season 5 either in the build up to Volume 2 in July or just after it drops. The latter seems the most likely, because it would stop the show giving some of the game away before the majority of fans get to see the Season 4 ending.

The rationale for our confidence is that the show is one of the biggest in the world right now and it would be very disappointing to snatch out the end by surprise. This would mean covering it all off in just two episodes and while they’re going to be long episodes, they’re just not enough to give the show the full climax that it deserves.

If you look at the Duffer Brothers’ efforts throughout Stranger Things, it doesn’t seem as though rushing the story or character development is something that they’re interested in. Instead, its far more likely that

They’ve got enough to deal with in the rest of Season 4 with the remaining mystery surrounding Vecna. We know a lot about him now that Volume 1 is done, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. For example, if he’s been in the Upside Down since El created the very first gate fighting 001, why haven’t we seen him before now.

If that isn’t enough, we need to find out whether or not the references to his victims being with him still means that they’re not entirely lost. If that’s the case then maybe there’s a way to save Chrissy, Fred and Patrick somehow.

We’ll also need time for Joyce, Murry and Hopper to properly escape from Russia, while sorting out the remaining Demogorgon over there. And that’s without the climax confrontation between El and Vecna, potentially in the Upside Down.

That should just about leave fifteen or so seconds in the mid-credits scene to tease Stranger Things Season 5 and maybe its monster. This is where we might get some concrete answers about the Mind Flayer and whether it survived.

Finally, the other reason to add into the mix is that the show is ridiculously important to the success of Netflix. This alone could well be enough to prevent Stranger Things Season 4 from being the last season. If you look at what Disney Plus is doing with the Star Wars universe, it makes sense for the show to open up a few more threads before it closes out this particular saga.

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