Stranger Things Season 4 where is the Mind Flayer?

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 have come and gone with very few mentions of the big beast monster, so you might be wondering where the Mind Flayer is. Or, whether or not there’s anything left of it after the events of Season 3.

Stranger Things Season 4 where is the Mind Flayer

We’ll have to wait for the final two episodes to arrive with Volume 2 in July to know for sure, but on the face of things it looks like the focus for Season 4 is on Vecna. However, Dustin and the gang do discuss the two of them in the same sentence, so there’s at least the possibility of him still creeping into the action.

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The smoking gun conversation about the Mind Flayer

The conversation takes place in Episode 7 The Massacre at Hawkins Lab, so if you haven’t made it this far into Season 4 then you might want to finish it off before reading on. It takes place between Dustin, Lucas and Erica as they start to piece things together about Vecna and his plans.

They’ve just discovered the water gate, which is a witty reference to the infamous President Nixon phone tapping scandal. It makes Dustin realise that Vecna must be opening gates to the Upside Down using a psychic connection to the victims, which started with Chrissy in Episode 1.

Up until this point, the general consensus is that the Mind Flayer was defeated at the end of Stranger Things Season 3. However, the conversation opens up the distinct possibility of a return for the monster, either in the remaining two episodes of Season 4 or maybe in the mid credits scene that has become the norm for series endings.

The conversation starts as Dustin asks what Vecna’s motive might be, but that leads on to him wondering, “On top of that, how does the Mind Flayer figure into all this?” The character hasn’t been seen in any of the Upside Down sequences in S4, so it seemed logical to assume that he was no more, but in the simple mention Dustin has laid the foundations for his return.

If that isn’t enough, he then starts to follow the logical next steps to attribute the motive and link to the monster by saying, what if Vecna is opening the gates to take over the world. It makes sense when you find out more about the whole 001 thing in the rest of the episode in terms of what he wants to do.

Dustin then asks, “who do we know that wants to take over the world?”, and the obvious answer is… ding, ding, ding… The Mind Flayer. Dustin then goes on to speculate that if the Demogorgan was just its foot soldier then Vecna is his five-star general.

When you look at it from that point of view, it seems clear that Vecna is now working for the Mind Flayer having been sent to the Upside Down when 001 lost the fight with El at the lab. Since then, he’s been helping to pull the strings in the background, but when the Flayer’s last plan fell apart, he’s been called up off the bench to get the job done.

After the conversation, there isn’t another mentions of the Mind Flayer in Episode 7 of Season 4 and there’s still no sighting of it. If you think back on his prior appearances in Stranger Things, its always been pretty big, looming over the Upside Down like some kind of daddy long legs monster god.

If it hasn’t been seen yet, then either its not in Hawkins anymore, or somehow its been weakened to make it less prominent in the black and red skyline. One possible explanation is that the blast at the end of the Season 3 reduced its powers, which is why its no longer overshadowing everything.

However, there is another explanation that might be even more plausible. If the Upside Down exists in both Hawkins and is linked to Russia then maybe it exists everywhere. If that’s the case then the Mind Flayer may well simply be in another location like Hopper in Russia.

Maybe its licking its wounds and healing up for another stomp at world domination. Even darker still, it might be completely fine, but focusing its efforts on a different location. It knows that El is the only thing strong even to stop it, so it makes sense that it might be where she is. Its entirely possible that we’ll start Volume 2 of Season 4 with a shot of it in an Upside Down equivalent of the Nevada facility that El is in training at.

The Volume 2 teaser also includes a shot in the Russian facility of some kind of entity in a large container with a glass front. It’s swirling around like crazy, so this could be another option for the big bad monster.

Either way, it seems clear that the Mind Flayer has survived the end of Season 3, which kind of makes sense when you think about it. The stomping beast that was destroyed when the gate was closed in the explosion was just a rat pie that was being controlled by the Mind Flayer. All that did was sever the link to the Upside Down, so it must be somewhere still.

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