Jurassic World Evolution 2 how to disinfect a feeder

Jurassic World Evolution 2 how to disinfect a feeder

It doesn’t take too long playing Jurassic World Evolution 2 before you run into the need to work out how to disinfect a feeder. However, the solution is slightly counter intuitive to the direction you will be used to going in for diseases, so it’s easy to get stuck with a whole lot of dinosaurs with e.coli and a feeder that keeps dishing it out.

To begin with, you’ll just notice that dinosaurs in the enclosure are getting sick with an mystery illness and the usual course of action is to send in the mobile veterinary unit to evaluate them. When they get in there are check on the dinosaurs, the diagnose e.coli and with enough dinosaurs with the problem they come to the conclusion that the feeder in the enclosure must be the problem.

However, when you try to send them to disinfect it, you’ll find that you can’t assign it to them as a task, so that leaves you with the dodgy feeder and more cases of e.coli still to come. At this stage, we’re going to assume that you’ve already got the Palaeo-Medical Facility and sent in the mobile veterinary unity to find out that you’ve got a problem with the dinosaurs food source, but if you haven’t for some reason, that’s the starting point in diagnosing the issue.

How to disinfect a feeder

Instead of using the Palaeo-Medical Facilities mobile veterinary unit, the solution lies with the Response Facility, so if you haven’t got one of these yet then you should get one built fast. With that in place, you can select one of the Ranger Teams attached to it – either by clicking on the ranger vehicle or the Response Facility and moving down to one of the vehicles and clicking on it.

With the Ranger Team selected, you can then choose to assign them a task. Select assign task and then hover over the feeder that you need to disinfect. This should give you a blue wheel around the feeder and when you click on it you’ll confirm that you want the Ranger Team to fix it up like they would a broken fence.

Just remember not to cancel the task or to re-assign the Ranger Team. The latter shouldn’t stop them from disinfecting the feeder, but sometime they can get diverted, which could result in more dinosaurs getting e.coli and making things more challenging than they really need to be.

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How to prevent feeders from getting infected in the first place

There isn’t a specified answer to this from the information and notices in Jurassic World Evolution 2, but we did notice that feeders became more infected when there were more enclosures and dinosaurs for Ranger Teams to check on. This doesn’t mean that you should reduce the number of enclosures, though, because this will just lower your park rating and cause a whole lot of other problems.

Instead, what you need to focus on is setting things up to boost your Ranger Teams as your park get bigger. One solution is to simply build another Response Facility as you increase the number of enclosures to prevent things from getting too stretched. However, this will increase your costs, so if your revenue isn’t looking great then it might not be the best solution.

The alternative is to focus on upgrading your Response Facility with an Additional Ranger Team and Advanced Scanners. With an extra vehicle, you’ll have more people on deck to check on enclosures more regularly and refresh feeders. The Advanced Scanners will decrease the time to scan dinosaurs by 90%, so you’ll get massive efficiency gains, which will means that there’s more time for feeders, so you won’t need to disinfect them in the first place.

To apply the upgrades, just click on the Response Facility and tab on across to the Upgrades page. You then just choose the slot and select the upgrade that you want to apply. You’ll probably have the Advanced Scanners available straight away, so you can apply this easily enough, but the Additional Ranger Team is something that you’ll need to unlock to be able to apply it.

You can check on the unlock status by clicking on the Science Center and selecting View Research, and choosing Infrastructure in the Structures section. The Additional Vehicles upgrade is the last on the list over on the right at the top. To unlock it, you’ll need to research previous nodes, so this includes Cost upgrades, Storm Defense upgrades and Vehicle upgrades.

The final requirement is to build an operational Science Center, but you should already have that in place by this stage. Once you unlock the node and research it, you will then be able to apply the upgrade as described above and give your Response Facility the additional vehicle. This should help reduce having to disinfect a feeder in the future, but it will also give you more Ranger Teams to be able to deal with problems in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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