Logan (2017) trailer 2 arrives with X-23 looking every bit a Wolverine


Logan (2017) trailer 2With the epic release of the Logan trailer 2, it’s clear to see that X-23 is going to be much more than just a sweet kid under the protection of super mutants, Wolverine and Professor X. Instead, it kind of looks like she’ll be the one saving them as much as they might be trying to protect her. With Wolverine’s healing abilities weakened and Charles Xavier looking pretty old and frail, it looks like they’re going to need all of the help they can get. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Logan trailer 2:

As the release date starts to get closer, Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox have been turning the screw to ramp up the hype for the film and the latest trailer puts a lot of muscle behind it. However, it’s less big and brawny muscle and more kid with claws and unstoppable fight moves that seems to be taking centre stage with X-23 getting a lot of air time.

The bad news for Logan and Charles is that with so much power comes powerful enemies. While they’d been trying to keep things on the down low, the arrival of the young mutant puts them dead in the sights of a whole host of nasties trying to take in X-23 to harness her abilities for their own sinister agenda.

While there had been rumours, based on the post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, that the villain behind it all would be Mr. Sinister, it now turns out that director James Mangold has gone another way. Instead, it would appear as though the puppet master behind it all is Dr. Zander Rice, played by a malevolent Richard E. Grant, who you can see only fleetingly in the trailer above. If you’re familiar with the comic books then you might know Zander as the recent head of the Mutant X Programme, introduced in 2005’s X-23 #1, which goes a long way to explaining the film’s storyline.

Logan film 2017
The first poster image of Logan with X-23

While the film looks pretty gritty, there are also some great comedy undertones to the Logan trailer 2. The “Not OK!” line at the beginning is class, with a well placed irony, but when you add in the scene where he grabs a handful of cigars it’s even funnier. There are also some impressive action scenes, although our favourite sequence is when X-23 walks out of the old corrugated iron building halfway through, throws down the weapons of the dude she’s just beat up (he’s probably dead), and stalks a huge group of nasties with her claws slowly extending. If that isn’t enough to make this a must watch, there’s always the somersault leg grab head stab move to sway your vote.

The Logan release date has been confirmed for the 1st March 2017, so there’s just a month to go to see it all for yourself. We’re pretty excited about the prospect of such a gritty and real world adaptation of comic book heroes we all know and love. If you want to see more on the film you can read the latest details and watch trailer 1 at www.tuppencemagazine.co.uk/logan-2017-uk-release.

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