Our pick of the best men’s brown shoes

Whatever the time of year, it’s good to have a few options to make life easier, and one to consider for any right minded individual is men’s brown shoes, which you can add to your wardrobe to give you some effective versatility, which we’re always keen on. However, shoes aren’t exactly the cheapest fashion addition out there, so we’ve tried to pull together a good mix of options no matter what budget you’re playing with.

The big benefit of brown shoes, especially the smart-casual variety, is that is means that they allow you to wear chinos and a polo shirt to work, but still look sharp enough to pass off without question. It’s a look that might not be open to all offices, but for the lucky ones it means having a few outfits that don’t need too much ironing care and that will keep you cool throughout the warmer months of the year.


Camper men's brown shoesFirst up, our favourite brown shoes on the market, the Camper 18552 (above), which combine very impressive quality, features and style to lead the way in terms of the higher end spend. With a price tag in the region of £110 they’re not necessarily in everyone’s price range, but they do look very cool, have a rugged sole, great stitch-work and a strong brand that’s known for great footwear. They’re available from Sole Trader and the Camper website, and if you’ve got the wallet for them they’ll keep you well shod for a good couple of years.

Camper men's brown brogues

They also have a pretty smart brown brogue older sister in the 18830 (above), which is a good shout if you’re looking for something similar but with a bit more of a dressed-up look and feel. It’s priced pretty similarly and is also available at Sole Trader, as well as the Camper website itself. They’re both from Camper’s 1913 collection with a distressed finish to the leather, with just the brogue finish separating the two.

Red or Dead men's brown shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of brown shoes closer to the lower end of the financial spectrum and don’t mind sacrificing some of the resilience, the canvas Mr Jives above could be a decent option. Made by Red or Dead, they’re just £35 from Shuh at the moment and while they’re not going to win any prizes, they’re a good versatile option to broaden your wardrobe choices.

Paul Smith mens brown shoes

However, if you’re looking for a smart pair of mens brown shoes and you have a big back pocket to play with, the Paul Smith Clapton TC flat Oxford shoes above are genuinely a touch of class, but with a price tag in excess of £200 you’d expect excellence. They’ve got super slick lines, great detail and a very impressive finish that sets them apart as being something a little bit special. They don’t necessarily unlock a great deal of casual of options, but if you’re looking to broaden your suit collection these could help you transition into natural shades like a brown suit.

Sole mens brown casual shoes

If smarts isn’t what you’re looking for and you can get away with things being as close to trainer casual without being sneakers then the SOLE Wild shoes above are a good shout. They’re made out of soft suede, have a fun summer feel and retail for just £34.99 from Sole Trader, so they’re a bit of a no-brainer.


Sole mens brown suede shoes

Lastly, no hot tip on brown shoes could be complete without the inclusion of at least one pair of suede Derbys. The SOLE Parker pair above are probably the best looking on the market right now and while we’re not necessarily big fans of the different colour sole/shoe concept, it works quite well here. They’ve got a strong look and an equally rugged sole, so they’ve got a good amount of both style and substance. They’ve got a mid price of around £65 from Sole Trader.

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