Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl how to get a bike

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl how to get a bike

Once you start on your way to get your first Gym Badge in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl you’ll start to get hints that you need to work out how to get a bike. There are ramps in caves and slopes blocking routes north on the way to Oreburgh City, so it’s pretty clear that you’re going to need to find a bike shop after you pick up the win against Roark.

The good news is that the game gives you a few clues in terms of what you need to do to get the bike. The kid on the bike next to Route 207 is perhaps the biggest as he tells you that the slope is too slippery and you’ll need a bike to get up it. If this were Grand Theft Auto you could just nudge him politely off his bike and use that, but it’s just not the way things go down in Pokémon.

However, he goes one further and tells you that the bike shop is in Eterna City, so the simple solution is just to head there, but it turns out not to be quite so straightforward. Firstly, the quickest way to get to the cycle shop is up a slope that requires a bike to cross, which seems pretty counter-intuitive from a customer point of view, and secondly, the long route to Eterna City has a lot of twists and turns, plus Galactic Grunts to take into account.

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How to get to the bike shop in Eterna City

Once you get the first gym badge, head on back to Jubilife City and take the route north, which will lead you to a confrontation between Team Galacti and Professor Rowan. Help the doc out by teaching the grunts a few things about Pokémon battles and you’ll be able to continue on up Route 204. You can check out the video below to see all of this in action if you’re not too sure what to do next.

Battle your way through all of the Pokémon trainers along the way and use the cave to circle up and around with the right hand path. It’s blocked by stones, but by this stage with the 1st gym badge you will have the Rock Smash move you need to clear them out of the way.

Continue North on 204 taking on more trainers and you’ll eventually come to Floaroma Town where you can unlock Mew if you want (you need to have played Pokémon Go to get it) and start collecting berries. In the top left hand corner of the town is an exit blocked by Galactic Grunts, so you’ll need to head east on Route 205 to make progress towards the bike shop.

You’ll then meet a girl whose father is being held in the Windworks by some more Galactic gits, so head east and battle the guy on the door. When you beat him, he locks himself in and you’ll need to get the key by going back to the two grunts blocking the path north west of Floaroma Town (mentioned above). They’ll be further up now, so beat them to get the key and you can head back to unlock the Windwords door.

Make your way to the top of the building beating Grunts along the way and you’ll have a showdown with Commander Mars. Once you finish her off, she’ll take Team Galactic out of the area, freeing you up to continue on up Route 205, which is next to the Windworks. Fight your way through and you’ll eventually come to the entrance to Eterna Forest.

Here you’ll meet Cheryl who wants you to get her through safely, but she’ll also keep your Pokémon healthy with all of the battles in Eterna Forest, so it’s a good exchange. You need to aim north east in general, but you do occasionally need to head south and loop back upwards afterwards, but you can see a little more about this in the video above to help you if you need it.

Once you get to the exit Cheryl will head off and you can walk across the bridge on the other side to get to Eterna City. The bike shop is pretty much right in the middle of the place, but when you get there you’ll find out that the owner has gone to the Team Galactic building and hasn’t been seen since.

How to get the bike shop owner back

You can find the Team Galactic building in the north west of Eterna City and there are small trees blocking the exit. To get past these you need the Cut Hidden Move, but the good news is that Cynthia rocks up out of nowhere talking about the statue in the city of the Legendary Pokémon and she gives you the move to use.

Fight your way to the top floor and you’ll find the bike shop owner talking to Commander Jupiter about missing Pokémon. Obviously you’ll need to battle her, but she doesn’t have anything particularly powerful, so you should be able to see her off comfortably.

Once you do this, the owner will be full of thanks to have his Pokémon back and tells you to stop by his shop. Jog on over to it and talk to him and he’ll reward you with the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl bike. You’ll even be able to choose from a number of different colors and that will see you away on all of the slopes and ramps in the game.

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