Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Sunnyshore Gym Puzzle – Pokémon Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Sunnyshore Gym Puzzle - Pokémon Shining Pearl

If you’ve managed to make it all the way to the eighth gym in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl then you might need this guide to the Sunnyshore City Gym puzzle. As the city is pretty much all about energy with its solar paneled roads, it stands to reason that the gym leader, Volkner, has made electric Pokémon his main choice and the puzzle itself has been augmented by it.

The system is essentially a series of rotating platforms with switches on them, with three rooms in total to make it through before you finally get to the gym leader. Each of the rooms are progressively more difficult, so you should breeze through the first one in the very least without needing any help, but we’ll walk you through everything to help you breeze to the finish.

It’s mostly when you get to the final room in the puzzle that things get tricky enough to stump you, so we’ll go into more detail for that one. It’s easy to get within touching distance of Volkner without actually being able to cross the divide, but with the simple solution details below you’ll be well on your way to picking up the eighth gym badge and moving on to the next challenge, which is Victory Road.

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Sunnyshore City Gym room 1

The first room of the puzzle is fairly easy. You just need to hit the switch on the right hand side to turn the dial so the there’s a leg pointing down and to the left. This will then give you access to the second dial from the initial platform, which will now be linked to the third dial on the far left hand side.

Trip the switch on the third dial just once and this will change both the left and central dial, so that now you can walk back across the middle one. However, this time it will lead you to the platform on the opposite side of the room. Skip on over there and smash the gym trainer blocking the way and that will see you clearing the first of the puzzle rooms.

If you’re not too sure about anything in our guide, you can see the electric gym puzzle in full in the video below.

Room 2

The second room in Sunnyshore City Gym takes the challenge up a notch. Start by tripping the switch on the bottom left dial and repeat this twice more until the gangway leads to the dial on the bottom right. Walk over to the other dial and get off back onto the platform, before heading up the stairs on the left hand side of the room.

The gangway will be down so you can head over to the trainer in the top left and once you beat them you can get back onto the dials with the one in the top left. Trip the blue switch once and then you will be able to walk across to the dial in the top right. Walk onto the yellow switch and it’ll turn to allow you to walk down to the one on the bottom right.

From here you can then get to the platform on the right hand side of the room where you’ll have another trainer to battle against. After that you can head up the stairs and across the walkway for another trainer battle and once they’ve been dealt with you will have completed the second room of the Sunnyshore City Gym puzzle.

Room 3

Here’s where things get a bit trickier. You can walk up the middle dial and across to the one on the right to trip the switch. You’ll notice that the dials in room 3 of the puzzle turn a full 180 degrees, compared to the 90 in previous rooms and this is where the challenge lies.

The first switch will allow you to return up the central dial and this time make it to the one on the left. Again, trigger the switch and you’ll turn about face to allow you to make it to the platform in the bottom left with another trainer to battle.

With them out of the way, you can walk up the stairs and across the walkway to the other side. Head up the stairs and beat yet another trainer before making your way onto the dial in the top left and tripping the switch. You’ll notice that the four dials here return to the 90 degrees and it’s the combination of the two turn types that will allow you to complete the puzzle.

Hit the switch for a second time and you’ll be able to walk down to the one in the bottom left and follow the walkway all the way across to the dial in the bottom right. Don’t be concerned about the electricity pulsing through the air halfway through, this won’t have any impact on you whatsoever. It seems like it’s designed to make you hesitate and thing you’ve done something wrong, but trust us (and in the words of Mando) this is the way.

Trip the blue switch on the bottom right dial and then walk up and around to the stairs, down and across the walkway, which will take you back to the lower level of the puzzle room. There’s a trainer to battle at the bottom if you didn’t already beat him when you first entered the room, but after that all you need to do is walk on the switch in the middle of the dial on the right.

Once you’ve done this once, you can then walk back over to the other side using the stairs and walkway on the right. When you get up to the stop you’ll see that you’ve solved the Sunnyshore City Gym puzzle and you can get on through to the electric leader to battle it out for badge number 8.

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