Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Snowpoint Gym Puzzle – Pokémon Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Snowpoint Gym Puzzle - Pokémon Shining Pearl

When you get to the colder climbs Snowpoint City in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you’ll need to defeat the gym leader to get the badge, but before you can get to them you’ll need to make it through the ice puzzle. It’s a tough one to get your head around and then even when you do understand how the system works, you still then need to navigate it and string everything together.

The floor is slippers on most of the squares and as soon as you step on one you’ll slide off in the direction that you were heading in. You’ll only be able to stop when you hit one of the walls, or the giant snowballs or the snowy pads that crop up occasionally on the floor.

Things get even more complicated, because the snowballs also block the route up to the Snowpoint Gym leader at the very top of the room. It probably won’t take you long to break a few of these by sliding down the floor into the middle, but equally, it’ll be soon after that you might get stuck on working out what to do next, so the guide below should help you solve the puzzle and take the ice gym badge.

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How to solve the Snowpoint Gym Puzzle

Okay, to start with, the general gist is that you need to navigate around the room and put your self in the right position to start a slide that will break one or some of the snowballs. You’ll need to do this for all of the snowballs to be able to get to the Snowpoint Gym leader, so to make things easier for you, there’s a video below to show you how to land each of them and we’ll explain the path in more detail below.

Obviously, you’ll need to battle the trainers around the ice floor, but they’re not that tough, so you shouldn’t really have too much difficulty with that. It’s just the puzzle that can cause problems. To start with, head left and then up to the snowball, left to wall and then back to the snow pad. Go right, defeat the trainer and then continue right to slide down the ice slop to break three of the snowballs in the middle.

Continue right, down and then left to the ice ball before sliding up to take out 2 more balls. Head right, up and right, up, left and down. From here go left, up and then left, down, up, right and down to get another ice ball. Starting back at the beginning, go right to the snowball and then up, up, up and left, up and right to get the ice ball by the stairs on the middle floor.

Starting from the right wall, head up, left and left again, down and left to get another ice ball in the bottom elevation. From there go up and right to get the last of them from that level of the puzzle.

Again, starting on the right hand side, go up and left, up, left, down and down to get to one of the ice balls on the left wall. Head right from here to obliterate another snowball.

This time, starting on the left hand side next to the ice ball on the left, go up, up and up, and then right, so slide all the way over to the other wall in the middle. Go left, down on the snow pad and then left again to get the last of the ice balls in the Ice Puzzle.

You can then get back to the beginning and walk down the central channel of stairs to get to the Snowpoint City Gym leader. Her name is Candice and as you might expect for a gym like this, she’s an ice-type Pokémon trainer, so she might cause you a few difficulties.

If you find yourself struggling with her, you can check out the end of the video below to see her in action. This will show you the Pokémon that she uses, the moves that they have and a few responses that could help you if you’re in a bind.

After you complete the ice gym, you’ll then need to head back to the grunts blocking Lake Acuity to the west of Snowpoint City. They will have moved out of the way, so you can progress there. After that, it’s time to storm the Team Galactic HQ and face off against their Boss for the first time.

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