Rage 2 gameplay trailer arrives with big fluffing guns

Rage 2 gameplayBethesda Softwards has just turbocharged the prospect of gaming with the drop of the Rage 2 gameplay trailer, which features more post apocalyptic insanity than a George Miller night terror. There’s also an abundance of big fluffing guns on display, as well as some seriously intense road warrior action, making this an instant high ranker in most gamers’ joy ride list.

You can check out the trailer for yourself in the unadulterated gameplay trailer below, but be warned, it doesn’t pull any punches, so if you’re more Yoshi’s Whooly Mittens then you might want to look away. However, for action-adventure addicts it’s well worth the watch, re-watch and imaginary VR dream that it’s bound to inspire.

Rage 2 gameplay trailer:

A release date hasn’t been confirmed as of yet for Rage 2, but with such an impressive gameplay trailer, it looks like it’s got to be approaching completion. As a result, we’re banking on this being either a late 2018 or early 2019 arrival, but either way it’s got the makings a Game of the Year contender written all over it.

It’s essentially a first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic earth following the near-extinction level event proportions of a huge asteroid smashing into the planet. The year is 2185 and with human numbers dwindling, it’s up to you to stand up, be counted and smash things up in an epic display of explosive aggression and psychedelic haze.

You’ll play Walker, referred to as the last Ranger of the Wasteland, and with crazed gangs and the dystopian presence of the Authority to take on, it looks like you’ll have your work cut out for you. If that isn’t enough, it also looks like there’s going to be more than a few oversized boss monsters to fight, so you probably won’t get too much time to chill out and take in a little fresh air out in the wilds.

The gameplay will take place in a massive open world in what remains of humanity, but with no law, zero order and a survival of the fittest/nastiest play out it’s going to be an eye watering ride. If you think Mad Max on Peyote meets a turbo-charged Fallout 4 then you won’t be too far from what to expect from Rage 2.

The game is a sequel to the 2011 first person shooter by id Software, and the developers are back again at the helm for the second game in what’s shaping up to be a potential series. Avalanche Studios joined forces with id to craft the game, bringing in its expertise in open world creation to add to the existing FPS mad skills. Fingers crossed it’ll turn out to be as impressive as the gameplay trailer seems to imply.