Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer hits the web

Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck-it Ralph 2 trailerAs 2018 starts to tick by, this summer’s big animated blockbusters are starting to get a lot of attention and the latest addition is the Ralph Breaks The Internet, Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer. It doesn’t give too much away in terms of the challenges that Ralph and Vanellope will face in the new adventure, but it sets the scene for the brave new world that they’ll get to explore with a few funny moments along the way.

As the name makes pretty clear, time has ticked on a little for the arcade game stars and the advent of the internet has finally caught up with them, sending them flying into cyberspace. With a WiFi doorway to the web, the two heroes find themselves with a much bigger playground to roam around in and it looks like they’re going to start things off with a little of their own brand of mayhem.

There’s no sign of any serious trouble though for the duo, so we still haven’t seen who they’ll be up again, although the first film kept you guessing right up to the end, so it could be the same for Ralph Breaks The Internet. There have been unconfirmed murmurings online that Alan Tudyk will be back for the sequel, so maybe the Diet Cola Mountain eruption ending in the first film wasn’t the last we’ll see of King Candy/Turbo.

The trailer opens out with the start of the story for Wreck-it Ralph 2 as Stan Litwak sets up a wireless router at the arcade, which somehow provides a connection for all of the games into the internet. Once they brave the fibre-optic roller-coaster ride to take them online, Ralph and Vanellope get a little giddy from the excitement of it all and start to go a bit wrong.

The scene with the bunny eating pancakes is hilarious, and hopefully there’s going to be more of that kind of unique humour dotted throughout the film. It’s about as wrong as it gets in animated films, which should make it a film for adults as much as it is for kids, much in the same way the first film managed to bridge the divide with its clever mix of comedy, action and candy.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 has now been slated for a release date of the 21st November 2018, following a delay that pushed it back from early 2018. There’s bound to be more from the film in the meantime with a longer trailer and more details still to come, which should fill in some of the gaps about the plot.

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