Armor Sphere Monster Hunter World explained

Armor Sphere Monster Hunter WorldOne of the most important items in Monster Hunter World is the Armor Sphere, which you will have undoubtedly picked up in standard progression in the initial quests in the game. However, you’re going to need a lot more of these than the Assigned Quests give you, so here’s everything you need to know about MHW‘s Armor Spheres to help you farm them with ease.

You can check out our tips video below for a run down of Armor Sphere farming, but the reason this is so important is that you need them to upgrade your armor. Upgrading your armor gives you stronger defense, which links heavily into the hunt, carve, equip loop that makes the game so much fun to play. Essentially, if you want to be able to take on the more powerful monsters in the game then you’re going to need to pick up a lot of Armor Sphere along the way.


Armor Sphere farming walkthrough

You can check out everything that you need to know about farming Armor Sphere in the walkthrough below:

How to get Armor Sphere?

There are essentially two ways to pick up Amor Sphere in MHW with the first and most obvious being in the rewards that you get for completing Assigned Quests. These come from taking out monsters, which drop rewards at the end of the quest, and most of them will give you an Armor Sphere. However, your need for them will soon outweigh the number you can get, so you need an alternative route to farm them.

The second, and easier way to pick up extra Armor Sphere is to register and complete Bounties for the Resource Center, located right at the beginning of the Tradefloor. These can be as simple as collecting plants and bugs to tougher challenges like completing hunts and capturing monsters. There are also Limited Bounties to go through, which will also reward you with varying strengths of Armor Sphere.

Once you’ve collected your first Armor Sphere, you can then head on over to the Smithy, select upgrade and Armor and then choose which of your armor you want to boost. To begin with, you’ll only need a single Sphere to upgrade a piece of armor to the next level, but as you progress, you’ll need more. After this stage, the different types of Armor Sphere start to crop up and they make it easier to upgrade later on down the line.

Types of Armor Sphere

There are essentially four different types of Armor Sphere, starting out with the standard version. As these progress, their capability to increase the upgrade increases, coinciding with the higher levels needed to upgrade as an armor’s defense stats improve. The second strength is Armor Sphere+, which is followed by Advanced Armor Sphere and then finally Hard Armor Sphere.


Make sure you complete enough Bounties and Limited Bounties as you go, as it will enable you to upgrade more armor, which will come in handy against stronger Monsters like the Elder Dragons, Nergigante and Teostra. You’ll also benefit from having a range of armor later in the game, so farming Armor Sphere throughout the game will let you do that a whole lot easier.

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