Sarah Millican’s Support Group on BBC Radio 4

I remember seeing Sarah Millican for the first time at a comedy night in Cardiff over five years ago and now out of nowhere she seems to be everywhere. Having done Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow in 2009, she now has her own show, Sarah Millican’s Support Group, on BBC Radio 4

A spoof sitcom of an agony aunt chat show, Sarah Millican’s Support Group receives problems from the audience and makes fun of them essentially. It is also build around invented problems and characters that come on to the show for support and advice. With a panel of characters to give their opinion on the problems, the show is lol funny (yeah, that’s right, I’ve become on of those people that use the term lol, frankly I find it provocative).

In the third episode that I watched, the funniest of the characters was Terry (played by Simon Daye), who was billed as a random member of the general public giving his opinion, which Sarah describes as “ill informed, but from the heart”. When faced by the knowledge that escorts get their dinner payed for them, which Sarah becomes very interested in, he randomly shouts “I can eat dinner at home, I can’t see the point of that at all”. Genius.

Sarah Millican’s Support Group is a touch of comic class that brilliantly pushes the boundaries of BBC Radio 4’s prudish reputation (all be it in a warm and fuzzy sort of way, a bit like the cat that Sarah’s looking forward to getting when her allergic boyfriend eventually dies).

Sarah Millican’s Support Group review: 4.1/5