Sonic Frontiers age rating latest, UK release date and more

In a move of 200 IQ genius, Team Sonic and Sega are going to be giving the Blue Blur his first ever open world adventure in Sonic Frontiers, which is scheduled for a UK release date this year (more details below. It comes on the back of two successful movies, which have given the series an even bigger profile, so here’s everything that you need to know about the game, including the latest on the age rating, story and gameplay.

Sonic Frontiers age rating latest, UK release date and more


The reveal trailer didn’t actually give too much away about the story, but if you look at the giant robot that features towards the end of the video you can see some real similarities with Sonic the Movie 2. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to see Dr Robotnik returning from a mushroom planet with knuckles in tow, but it does look like he’s got his hands on some kind of big robot tech.

That combined with the graphic style of the environments makes the game a bit of a mash up between The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Bowser’s Fury, but the real question is which of the other characters are going to feature in the plot. Tails and Knuckles were introduced in the second film and then Shadow was teased in the credits scene, so all of these are possible additions for Sonic Frontiers.

In the announce trailer we hear a voice earlier on saying “Sonic over here”, but you don’t get the character officially confirmed. However, it sounds a lot like it’s going to be Tails trying to have to help out his buddy, and as this is the first open world entry in the franchise history it definitely makes sense to include him.


The announce trailer for Sonic Frontiers doesn’t actually feature any specific gameplay action, but we can take a lot from all of the cinematic sequences. The open world setting shows that Sonic is going to have a lot of space to run around in and with his incredible speed it should be a lot of fun tearing up the roads, mountains and rolling green hills that makes up the environment.

There have been a number of comments online that draw comparisons to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and while there are some art style parallels we’re expecting the gameplay to be very different. For example, the biggest link is the tower that features in the announce trailer, but do you can see with the speed run pads up the side of it that this is going to be Sonic the Hedgehog through and through.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the open world environment pans out for the game. Whether or not it will focus on tasks that you need to complete in the different areas with an overarching story arc in each, or if it’s more like Bowser’s Fury, which had classic levels built within a large open setting.

Either way it’s set to be the most exciting new development in terms of gameplay for the series. However, this is far from the first 3D action adventure for the character, with the likes of Sonic Adventure breaking that ground ground decades ago on the Sega Dreamcast in 1998.

Apart from the giant robot Doctor Robotnik, there aren’t that many enemies that feature in the trailer. The only ones that we can see are a series of drones that chase Sonic through the forest. This means the combat mechanics are still TBC at the moment, but we’re expecting to be able to Sonic bash, spin and stomp in a variety of different ways.

You can also see a lot of water and high walled islands, which hint at the possibility of being able to run over water and spin up walls to be able to them. Another possibility is a slingshot move or maybe even flight with Tails featuring in this somehow.

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Sonic Frontiers UK release date

The exact UK release date for Sonic Frontiers is still to be finalised, but the announce trailer finished with a Holiday 2022 caption, so it should be later this year. The question is how close to the Christmas period the game is going to come out.

The last game release in the franchise was the Deluxe remake of Sonic Colors in 2021, which came out in September, but it didn’t sell particularly well, so Sega is unlikely to follow a similar strategy. Instead, it seems likely that it will pitch it specifically for the Christmas market in the hopes of giving it the best chance what sales.

With that in mind it seems likely that it will be either November or December for the launch window. November will give it more time for sales, but December will be less busy in terms of other games coming out. It could theoretically come out in October, but this feels a little early for holiday 2022, and for our money November would probably be the best bet for Sega to maximise its impact.

It will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, Xbox ONE and Xbox Series X/S. It won’t be the only big name open world adventure out around the holiday, because Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is due to arrive around the same period.

Age rating latest

The Sonic Frontiers age rating from PEGI for the UK will be confirmed closer to the release date when it is available to pre-order. It’ll be the same for North America with ESRB, but there’s a lot we can take from the announce trailer and previous game in terms of what to expect for a certificate for the 2022 game.

Sonic Colours Ultimate, for example, had an age rating of seven years and over in the UK and E for everyone by ESRB in the US. It was a similar story for other 3D games like Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, which had the same certification both in the UK and North American, so we are expecting Sonic Frontiers to be in the same ballpark looking at the launch trailer.

We’ll update you with more details as they’re confirmed. You can also check out our computer games section to keep tabs on the game. Visit the Sonic Frontiers website at for more details.