Super Mario Maker 2 how to make big enemies

Super Mario Maker 2 how to make big enemies

When it comes to making your Super Mario Maker 2 courses fiendishly difficult, it pays off knowing how to make big enemies to really test the skills of anyone that plays them. What’s more difficult to beat than Meowser? Big Meoser. What’s harder to get past than a mad Wiggler? A big bad mad rad Wiggler! Anyway, you probably get the idea and you can follow the steps below to augment your enemies and add even more plot twists to your course creations.

The good news is that you can make any of the Super Mario Maker 2 enemies big, including all of the bosses, so the big Meoser point at the top of the page can actually be pulled off. If that isn’t enough you can add even more augmentations to your enemies in addition to super size, so there are details on the variations that you can go with below.


How to make enemies big

To start with, you need to actually choose your enemies, which you can do from the Make Mode screen. If you’re not in Make Mode, you can get back to it with the – button at the top of the left Joy-Con controller.

From the Make Mode screen you can either select one of the enemies from your recent items in the top strip or you can click on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here you’ll need to scroll across to see all Super Mario Maker 2 enemies and choose who you want to add to add to your level and make big.

Once you’ve decided where you want to place your enemy, drop them in place and click on them, which will bring up the augmentation menu. The icon you’re looking for to make enemies bigger is a Super Mario Mushroom. Click to select it once you’ve navigated over to it and hey presto you’ll have an oversized Goomba, Koopa Trooper, Bowser or any other baddy you choose.

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More enemy augmentations

In addition to making enemies big, you can also choose from the other augmentations available in Super Mario Maker 2. Wings and Parachute comes as standard for all enemies and you can place them in Pipes or dangling grabbers to add even more variation to the mix.


Some enemies have their own unique variations, which you can see when you bring up the augmentation menu (see steps above). For example, you can make a Wiggler permanently angry or drop a Bo-bomb in that is pre-triggered to explode.

You can also stack these, so you can add big flying Wigglers that are permanently enraged or an oversized Meowser that can fly or a giant Monty Mole that you have parachuting down from the sky. It makes for a lot of level-crafting diversity to allow you to create the kind of course you would never get in a Super Mario game, but always wanted to see.

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