Super Mario Maker 2 how to zoom out

Super Mario Maker 2 how to zoom out

The level construction fun is about to get a new lease of life with the upcoming release of Super Mario Maker 2 and one of the things that you’re going to want to be able to work out right off the bat is how to zoom out. Not only does this give you a wider view of the level that you’re constructing, but zooming out will also let you do some limited functionality, but large-scale construction.

As a result, this is something that you’re going to want to pick up on early if you want to speed up your course creation process and get your levels done and ready for the rest of the world in double time. You can see details on all of the things you can do when you zoom out to View Mode in the section at the bottom of the page and as soon as Super Mario Maker 2 is out, we’ll be adding a video to showcase the entire process in more detail.


How to zoom out to View Mode

This is pretty easy, but not massively obvious when you first land in the game. You can follow the steps below to enter View Mode, use the special functionality and get a wider view of the level that you’re making:

  1. Make sure you’re in Make Mode to begin with. It’s from here that you do all of your level editing activity, including zooming out and back in again
  2. If you’re not in Make Mode, you can get to it by pressing and holding the – button at the top of you’re left Joy Con controller
  3. From the Make Mode you can then zoom out by pressing down on your right analogue stick. You should hear a little click each time you do this and obviously View Mode will be triggered too
  4. To close View Mode and zoom back in to return to the standard Make Mode, you just need to click down on the right analogue stick button, so you can toggle between the two zoom levels with the same action

You can see more on the game at Nintendo.

What can you do in Super Mario Maker 2‘s View Mode?

Once you zoom out into Super Mario Maker 2‘s View Mode you can edit large amounts of the level. There isn’t a huge amount of functionality to this as such, but the couple of things you can do will save you time if you want to make big changes to the landscape.

Firstly, you can erase things when you’re in View Mode by pressing either L or R. If you hold this and move the curser with the analogue stick you can erase a lot of items quickly, so for example if there’s a huge slope that you don’t want anymore then you can get rid of it quickly using this method.

Secondly, you can select blocks using Zl or Zr and dragging the curser. You can then copy and past them elsewhere in your course by moving the curser to your new location and pressing Zl or Zr once again. You can do this as much as you want to do to do bulky edits. You may not be able to add new items to your course when you’re zoomed out, but you can definitely make big changes to your levels from View Mode.


Super Mario Maker 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch on the 28th June 2019 and you can keep tabs on more info on the game with the official Nintendo twitter page. You can also see more hints and tips for the game right here at Tuppence Magazine, including how to play as Luigi.