The latest Super Mario Odyssey videos

Super Mario Odyssey videosWe are just a few weeks away from October 27th, the release date of the hotly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey. Touted by some as being the next Super Mario 64, Mario’s new outing is looking to be worth all the hype especially from all the new content provided by Nintendo over the past few weeks.

Along with the recent trailer, there has been brand new gameplay shown off, a surprise appearance at the Nintendo World Championships, a Nintendo Direct and more. Take a look below to find the latest videos from the Nintendo YouTube channel. Beware that Ninty’s hosts are not to everyone’s taste…


Brand new trailer

This epic trailer gives us an overview of many aspects of the game from a story brief to the new gameplay elements. Some elements we already know well, such as ‘Cappy’, but there are others shown off which are exciting new information like fun mini-games and co-op. It also revealed an assist mode for younger gamers which is great news for families. The trailer really does showcase why many believe this is one of the top games well worth buying a Switch for.

Seaside Kingdom gameplay

A part of Nintendo’s running online series ‘Nintendo Minute’, two excitable hosts give us a first look at the Seaside Kingdom world. One of the many things pointed out is how stunning the graphics look in this world. Odyssey is certainly one of the best looking Nintendo games ever, and the new Snapshot mode is something to be excited about. The gameplay looks enjoyable, with the ability to ‘capture’ control of items and animals using ‘Cappy’ being something special. Mario throwing ‘Cappy’ appears to need improvement with it seeming fiddly with no apparent option to hold and aim, but overall it’s a video well worth watching

Nintendo World Championships gameplay (video begins at start of gameplay)

The always much competitive Nintendo World Championships took place not long ago with a surprise final game, Super Mario Odyssey, deciding the ultimate winner. The finalists had to play three different challenges taken from the single player campaign, which included puzzle solving and a boss fight with plenty gameplay elements on display. If you can get past the cringey host, this is a fun video to watch.

Nintendo Direct Presentation

While this video covers most of the things already talked about and seen in the recent trailer, the producer of Super Mario Odyssey, dressed in a cool Mario themed suit, does give more explanation on certain features such as the various locations in the game and ‘Power Moons’. It’s also revealed that, for the first time ever, there will be lyrical Mario music which includes the catchy theme song.

Custom Amiibos

This isn’t a gameplay video of sorts, but rather a tutorial video for families on how to customise their Super Mario Odyssey Amiibos for some fun outside of the game. Goomba Amiibos are used here and it makes for a funny but cute creation. Younger gamers will certainly love to give this a try.


You can also watch the full Cascade Kingdom walkthrough to see the mechanics of the game. It includes collecting Power Moons and purple coins, as well as the discovery of The Odyssey air ship and a chance to see the t-rex stomping around.

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