Tekken 3D Prime comes to the Nintendo 3DS


Tekken Prime, Nintendo 3DSGet excited, because Tekken has never previously graced a Nintendo device, but soon there will be Tekken: 3D Prime for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a move that continues the big hitting serious gaming that’s been a recent feature of the reinvention of the 3DS.

Due for release on the 17th February 2012, Tekken 3D Prime brings all of the legends of Tekken to the Nintnedo 3DS. More than 40 Tekken characters will be playable in the only 3D console on the market, including Anna Williams, Armor King II, Devil Jin, Feng Wei, Ganru, Hwoarang, Jack, Kuma, Lei Wulong, Paul Pheonix, Marshall Law and Yoshimitsu, making it one of the biggest Tekken outings in its history.

The trailer literally looks blistering and there’s a whole host of new stages to play on. There’s also a full length CGI movie called Tekken Blood Vengeance on the game too, so Bandai Namco have really gone to town with packing lots into Tekken 3D Prime.

With Wi-Fi connectivity gaming and the slick controls of the Nintendo 3DS, Tekken 3D Prime is easily one of the biggest games on the little device. Can’t wait to see what they release next on it.


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