The Division 2 how to sabotage the train

The Division 2 how to sabotage the trainIf you’ve made it part way through The Division 2’s Jefferson Plaza mission and wondered how to sabotage the train, you’ve come to the right place. To cut to the chase, the short answer is that you need to shoot the blitzkrieg out of a batch of explosives on the floor next to a train. However, that may not be much help because it’s pretty easy to miss the one you’re looking for.

Luckily, you can check out the video below to see it being walked right up to (fairly slowly) to find out the exact location you need to be looking for. From then on it, it’s just a case of lining up the sights and blowing your clip with extreme prejudice to give that catchment of explosives the kind of facial that would make the moon blush. Alternatively, you can pull a pin and go large with a slice of grenade pizza with extra hot sauce.


Essentially, Massive Entertainment and Ubisof had a big meeting together before putting the Jefferson Plaza mission and decided they’d throw in a David Blaine style, almost invisible curve-ball into the mix. Although, in all fairness there is a location marker to follow, but then it’s easy to miss it for some strange reason that’s hard to explain.

How to sabotage the train video

If that isn’t enough to derail you, the train that you need to sabotage is the least train-like train in the entire area, which you can see in the pic below – don’t worry about the guy on the floor, he’s just having a nap… honest. You’re bound to have found yourself in the front of the metro train in the same area (image above) without a clue about what you’re meant to do. Shooting the entire place to kingdom come won’t have gotten you anywhere, which makes this the least obvious progression point in The Division 2 (followed closely by the deal with the Castle Settlement when you first rock up).

The Division 2 how to sabotage the train Jefferson PlazaAnd then there’s the point about what to actually do at the train location when you get to it. There are no prompts and the explosives aren’t that obvious, so you might have tried holding square close up or shot at the train without aiming down. The only way to fluke it is if you went straight for the shock and awe approach with a full complement of grenades.

Fortunately, working out how to sabotage the train is the most challenging section of the Jefferson Plaza mission, so you should be able to breeze through the rest. With that out of the way, we can get back to a few of the other mind-mashers in The Division 2 like why there’s not enough Skill Power available for the Skill Mods when they drop and how to find printer filament and exotic materials.

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