Dead Pixels theme song, cast and trailer

Dead Pixels E4

The next big contender for E4 cult comedy status is Dead Pixels and with the recent arrival of the theme song, trailer and cast list it’s clearly shaping up to fit the bill. It features a group of gamers who team up to take on a fictional MMORPG called Kingdom Scrolls. It stars Alexa Davies as one of the three gamers leading the cast following on from her impressive stint on Raised by Wolves, another Channel 4 comedy gem.

You can find out everything you need to know about Dead Pixels below and we’ll be updating with more information as it becomes available.

Theme song

The arrival of the trailer below appeared to hint that the Dead Pixels theme song was going to be none other than 90s hit Brimful of Asher by Cornershop. However, with the arrival of the show on E4 it didn’t turn out to be used as the title tune.

Instead, the music featured in the show is from a classic Amiga and Atari ST shooter called Xenon 2 Megablast. The end credits is pretty much a direct upload of the Intro for the game, which you can take a listen to below.

The title song sounds like a dance remix of this too. The music for the game was created by British musician Tim Simenon (AKA Bomb the Pass) and the original track was called Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13). It was released in 1988 and you can listen to it in full with the music video below.


You can read more on the Xenon 2 Megablast sountrack at

Cast list

Meg – Alexa Davies (Raised by Wolves, Mama Mia! Here We Go Again)

Nicky – Will Merrick (Skins)

Usman – Sargon Yelda (Zen)

Russel – David Mumemi (Lost in London)

Alison – Charlotte Ritchie (Raised by Wolves, Siblings)

Zara – Noush Skaugen

With two members of the cast starring in Raised By Wolves, you might want to catch up on the Channel 4 comedy ahead of the air date for their new roles. You can still watch both series on More 4 at

Air date

The opening episode of Dead Pixels arrived on E4 on the 28th March 2019. The trailer was released just a few days earlier in the month with talk of the show coming soon, which is usually code for some time in the next month or so. It had a pre-Easter launch written all over it, but the first of the 30-minute episodes arrived much earlier than expected. You can keep tabs on things with the official E4 Twitter page at


Dead Pixels centres on friends Meg (Davies), Nicky and Usman, who will drop anything and everything for their favourite online fantasy role playing game, Kingdom Scrolls. Meg and Nicky have office jobs to escape from, but Usman’s life away from the game is a bit of a mystery. All Meg and Nicky really know is that any time they need him to defend their castle, he’s there day or night.

You can see more of how the story is going to develop throughout the series with the episodes guide below.


Episode 1: Bears

Meg meets Russel, the new guy at work, and invites him to play Kingdom Scrolls, but his online gaming knowledge is pretty woeful.

Episode 2: Tanadaal

When a movie adaptation of Kingdom Scrolls is announced, Meg and Nicky get the hump about who has been confirmed in the cast list.

Episode 3: Betrothal

Meg and Nicky decide to take the plunge and get married in the game, so things get pretty tricky.

Episode 4: Big Nose

Meg starts live streaming Kingdom Scrolls in abid to make a career out if it, but her flatmate Alison has her doubts.

Episode 5: Patricide

Nicky’s dad tries to bond with him by playing Kingdom Scrolls but things take a dark turn when Nicky discovers an unhealthy obsession for killing him.

Episode 6: Hive-Mother

The gang are about to complete Kingdom Scrolls’ main story campaign, decide to make a weekend of it. To mark the occassion, they all don cosplay outfits of their favourite characters to take on the final level.


You can check out the cast in action in the Dead Pixels trailer in full below to see what to expect from the upcoming comedy. It features Brimful of Asher, which is a big contender for the theme song. It also shows off some of the Kingdom Scrolls game and we’ll be very surprised if E4 don’t think about turning it into a real game if the series turns out to be the cult hit it looks like it might be.


If the cast list, story, theme song and trailer aren’t impressive enough to win you over, you can add the fact that the six-part series is the work of BAFTA award-winning writer Jon Brown (Fresh Meat, Veep). To add even more might and magic to the show, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Fresh Meat, Peep Show) are the executive producers, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not series 1 is just the start of something big.