Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride songs, album cover and limited edition orange vinyl pre-order

Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride songs, album cover and limited edition orange vinyl pre-orderVampire Weekend will be releasing their fourth studio album on the 3rd May 2019, so here’s everything we know about the record including the Father of the Bride songs that have been confirmed, the cover artwork and the vinyl pre-order details. It’s been a massive six years since the band’s last big release, Modern Vampires of the City, they’re longest break to-date, but then Ezra Koenig has been busy in the meantime producing Beyoncé’s Lemonade back in 2016, along with a host of other projects.

It feels like a significant hiatus, but it looks like the band is back together again for the next year or so at least with an international tour that will take them through until November 2019. It includes a slot on the packed and slightly regressive Glastonbury Festival line-up, plus huge shows at the Hollywood Bowl in LA, Madison Square Gardens in New York and Alexandra Palace in London. You can check out all of the 2019 tour dates on the official Vampire Weekend website –


Father of the Bride songs

While Father of the Bride has just a couple of months to go until it’s release, the full track list hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but you can see the songs that we do know about below. You can also listen to singles Harmony Hall, Big Blue, Sunflower ft. Steve Lacy and 2021 with the music videos below. We’ll be updating the track list with the rest of the Father of the Bride songs as they’re announced and you can keep tabs on Vampire Weekend for yourself with their Twitter page at

Track list

1. Track 1
2. Harmony Hall
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Big Blue
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
8. Track 8
9. Track 9
10. Track 10
11. Track 11
12. Sunflower ft Steve Lacy
13. Track 13
14. 2021
15. Track 15
16. Track 16
17. Track 17
18. Track 18

As you can see from track list above, this is going to be Vanpire Weekend’s biggest album to-date with 7 more songs than their opening self-titled debut album, so they’re clearly throwing everything they’ve come up with in the last six years into their latest effort. We’re expecting Track 18 to be entitle Baroque Calypso Kitchen Sink, so it’s going to be interesting to hear how it all works together.

Father of the Bride album cover art

The album cover art on the fourth album is a fairly significant departure for the band with a simple graphic of the earth with the title wrapping around the outside. The last three albums have been image based with the party chandelier on the cover of Vampire Weekend, lawsuit inspiring pic of model Ann Kirsten Kennis on Contra and black and white New York skyline by Neal Boenzi on Modern Vampires of the City.

Vampire Weekend Father of the Bride album cover artNo details have been announced in terms of the rationale for the change of direction in terms of the album cover artwork, but it definitely feels like VW have simplified things in the extreme for their return.


Father of the Bride vinyl pre-order

Father of the Bride will be released on CD, vinyl, digital download and tape cassette. You’ll be able to pre-order all of them from any good record shop, or Amazon if you’re looking for super-fast delivery, but if you want to get the limited edition orange double vinyl LP, you’ll need to pre-order it directly from the Vampire Weekend store. There are also a couple of bundles to choose from that include the orange vinyl release and you can see them all at Weekend Father of the Bride limited edition orange vinyl pre-orderYou can check it out in the pic above, but it’s a 140g double LP on orange vinyl with an embossed gatefold jacket featuring the album cover art. It also comes with a folded 24″ by 36″ poster.