The Outlaw Tribe trailer lands with the 2nd Middle Earth: Shadow Of War DLC

The Outlaw Tribe Middle Earth: Shadow Of WarMordor got a little wild Wild West with the arrival of The Outlaw Tribe trailer this week, clocking up the second Nemesis Expansion for Middle Earth: Shadow Of War. It brings a new band of Uruks to the huge open world 3rd person adventure, adding to the gaming potential for Expansion Pass owners who had their first taste of the additional brutal action with The Slaughter Tribe, which touched down in November.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below, which showcases the new tribe and their savage way of life out in the wilds of Sauron’s domain. It looks like The Outlaw Tribe is hell bent on taking out other Orcs that don’t live up to its code of purity as they set out to cleanse Mordor of what it refers to as foul corruption.

This could mean members of Sauron’s army that don’t have the same level of dedication as them, but we’re expecting Talion and Celebrimbor to be in the mix too. With their efforts to raise an army against Sauron as the main aim of the story for Middle Earth: Shadow Of War, The Outlaw Tribe are bound to want to oppose them with their own uncompromising style of retribution.

The Outlaw Tribe trailer

The Nemesis Expansion will give you a whole new area to explore, along with a bunch of new Captains to face from the Tribe, each with their own despicable personality and unique battle style. You’ll take them on either head on or as part of the game’s Nemesis Mission system, which will feature raids, ambushes and infiltration, so there will be a good amount of variation to take on.

You’ll also have the relentless attack of The Fight Pits for The Outlaw Tribe, as well as the inevitable build up to the siege attack, which will give you four new War Chiefs to take on, along with the destruction of the tribe’s primary fortification. This will then lead you to a showdown with the Outlaw Overlord in a bid to bring down his reign of terror and take a new fortress under your control. All of which will be useful XP farming potential for anyone at Act 2 or beyond.

It’s the second of four DLC releases for Shadow Of War, following on from the blood-fest that is The Slaughter Tribe. It arrived for Expansion Pass owners on the 12th December 2017, so if you’ve already got the pass then you can head on in to start the Nemesis Expansion. It’s also available to buy individually, along with the rest of the DLC items for the game.

The two Nemesis Expansion packs will be followed in 2018 by the two remaining DLC releases, The Blade Of Galadriel in February and Desolation Of Mordor in May. Both are story continuations with the first following Eltarial as she does Galadriel’s budding in the fight against Sauron and the second sees you taking on Baranor in the thick of the battle, deep within Mordor. They’re probably the coolest of the four DLC drops, but The Outlaw Tribe should keep you busy throughout December and January.

If you’re new to the game, you can check out some of the gameplay action in our Middle Earth: Shadow Of War walkthrough. Let us know what you think of the Slaughter Tribe DLC in the comments below.

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