Bright trailer 3 features more of Noomi Rapace as Leilah

Noomi Rapace as Leilah in Bright on NetflixWith the December 2017 release date fast approaching, Netflix is ramping up the hype for its sci-fi/fantasy adventure, Bright, with trailer #3 being put out. This time, a lot of the focus is on Prometheus and Alien: Covenant star Noomi Rapace, who plays dark Elf Leilah in the film and she looks pretty cool in the role with all of the magic and mayhem flying around her.

The film will be arriving on Netflix on the 22nd December 2017 and with both Will Smith (Suicide Squad) and Joel Edgerton (It Comes At Night) in the cast alongside Rapace, it’s one of the biggest straight to Netflix released of all time. Smith and Edgerton play LAPD officers Daryl Ward and Nick Jakoby, but this is a very alternative present day Los Angeles with the latter playing an Orc in a story featuring Fairies, magic wands and huge Centaurs.


Leilah looks set to go toe-to-toe with the two cops, who have only just been partnered together, and from the look of the trailer, Leilah might have the upper hand. They’ll all be on the trail of a magic wand that has turned up in LA, which Nick describes as being like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes, so clearly something big is going down.

Bright trailer #3

Noomi Rapace is almost unrecognisable in the role, looking completely different from what we’ve seen from her before in the likes of Prometheus and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She’s got long white hair and a slimline leather outfit that looks like it came from the costume department from The Crow, which leads to some very cool sequences in the third trailer we’ve had for Bright.

You can hear Leilah describing herself as being a warrior, a priestess and a lover, which makes her seem like she might be on the good side of the antagonist/protagonist spectrum. However, she does go on to look menacing as she stares past the camera and delivers the line, “you will die”, so we’re expecting it to be a slightly more complex role than we’re used to in this kind of film.

This is backed up by some of the action sequences in trailer #3, which look pretty impressive as she goes from gun toting dark destroyer to acrobatic martial arts fighter. The scenes look very slick, so hopefully the full release with have a lot more of Rapace smashing things up John Wick style, but with the otherworldly might of magic in her kit bag for good measure.

The fairy crushing scene with Will Smith at the end of the trailer is still a little disturbing on its own, but maybe there will be a bit more context for his casual disregard for fairy life when Bright arrives on Netflix later this month. The release of the film just ahead of Christmas seems like a smart move and we can see this being one of the must see films of the holiday period.


There’s still a big ongoing debate about Netflix movies, especially with it having two films in the running for the Palm d’Or earlier this year. The crunch point is the fact that they go straight to TV as streamable content instead of having an initial release on the big screen. On the positive side, subscribers to Netflix get to see the film straight away from the comfort of their sofa or with any smart device. However, the downside is that they miss out on having a cinematic release, which is seen as an important aspect of film. The debate tumbled on and the arrival of Bright should add to it with its big budget cast and SFX, so let us know what you think in the comments below.

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