Thor DVD

Thor DVDWith a release date set for the 26th September 2011, Thor will be smashing its way onto DVD and Blu-ray for the start of thunder season (Autumn to us mere mortals, and to be honest, it’ll probably feel more like rainy and windy season than thunder and lightning seasons).

While it isn’t the greatest comic book movie adaptation it did have more than a few redeeming features. Natalie Portman (Black Swan, Your Highness) is the obvious first pick, but there’s also some pretty cool special effects with the eye blasting robot and ice laced behemoth frost giant Laufy. Chris Hemsworth does a pretty good job of playing Thor himself with Anthony Hopkins doing a similarly convincing job as his father Odin.

Down points in the film are Thor’s mates, Sif and the Warrors Three, from Asgard who seem to be doing a bad parody of themselves most of the time, making up the lions share of the bad points of the film release on DVD & Blu-ray.

Special features on the Thor DVD & Blu-ray include commentary from director Kenneth Branagh, deleted scenes and teaser info about the upcoming Avengers movie, which will see Hemsworth back as Thor. There is also the rumour that there will be a Thor 2 in the next couple of years too.