Transformers: The Last Knight trailer 3 sees chaos for Mark Wahlberg & Optimus Prime

Transformers The Last Knight trailer 3While the talk in recent weeks has been all about the superhero films that will be coming out in the summer, director Michael Bay has just thrown in his own chaos grenade into the thick of things with trailer 3 for Transformers: The Last Knight. It sees both Mark Wahlberg’s Cade and Optimus Prime in a whole world of trouble from start to end as the planet looks set to be ripped apart in the fifth film in the series.

It’s set to be Bay’s final Transformers film, so he was expected to be going out with a band, but the trailer is none-stop action, so it looks as though he’s taken things up to 11 for  his last battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The video gives a pretty firm confirmation that the robots in disguise have been on Earth for a lot longer than the previous movies indicated with Autobot knights standing over King Arthur’s round table. However, it doesn’t take long for the trailer to descend into mayhem with massive explosions and the arrival of an interplanetary world war of titanic proportions. You can watch the trailer for yourself below.

Transformers: The Last Knight trailer 3:

We’d already seen hints of it all with the opening trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, which showed Prime floating in space before returning and appearing to go rogue in a fight with Bumblebee, but trailer 3 hints at the motivation for his actions a little more. There’s a scene that features him talking to his maker about penance for the devestation dealt to Cybertron at the end of Dark Of The Moon, which could explain why he doesn’t seem himself in the trailers for the new film. He’s also seen towards the end saying, “for my world to live, yours must die”, so it’s starting to look like survival is the behind it all.

There are some quiet moments for Mark Wahlberg in the video, but in general he spends a lot of time in the thick of the action. If he isn’t blasting giant guns, he’s ducking explosions or being rescued from under water. He also has a good go at wielding a broadsword, skidding down the floor of a falling space ship and narrowly being missed by Optimus Prime’s sword strike.

Sir Anthony Hopkins continues to feature strongly as the narrative behind the film, playing a historian who has become an expert on the history of Transformers on Earth, dating back to the dark ages. He’s been the voice behind each of the Last Knight trailers, setting the tone with a vary serious warning, “these are troubled times… chaos reigns… two worlds colliding”. The epic destruction that follows pretty much confirms his worst fears and helps to raise the stakes for the films release on the 23rd June 2017.

Laura Haddock, who you might remember from The Inbetweeners Movie, also get a lot of air time in the trailer, giving inspirational pep talks, running in overalls with Cade, snogging Mark Wahlberg and being taken aback by Optimus Prime’s breath issues. Newcomer, Isabela Moner is also a big part of the plot, getting some surrogate parental advice from Cade, not leaving Bumblebee to die and bravely signing up to stay and fight them.

Other cool bits to look out for in trailer 3 include Dinobot Grimlocks doing commando rolls following on from his introduction in Age Of Extinction, what looks a lot like a close relative of C3-PO walking down medieval stairs and Anthony Hopkins holding up pictures of a giant mechanised planet approaching the Earth. There are also knights of the realm battles from ancient history, Hound firing his rail gun like there’s no tomorrow and a few fleeting glimpses of a resurgent Megatron.

By Gerard Harris

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