Watch the first 10-mins of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming first 10 minutesHaving done something similar for Logan earlier in 2017, Marvel has now thrown the first ten minutes of Spider-Man: Homecoming onto YouTube for anyone that missed it on the big screen. With the DVD and Blu-ray release of the film planned for November 2017, it’s the perfect opportunity to see a lot more of the action and you can watch it in full below.

Obviously, it’s a mini-spoiler for anyone that hasn’t seen the film, so if you don’t want to find out anything about it before you watch it then it’s probably not for you and you might not want to read on. However, there really isn’t enough to take away from what was one of the best superhero films of the year.

There was a lot of responsibility on newcomer Tom Holland’s shoulders, despite his previous debut success in Captain America: Civil War, but he went on to make the character his own in his first dedicated Spider-Man film. He had a little help from the likes of Tony Stark / Iron Man and his right hand man Happy Hogan, but for the most part he’s pretty much on his own.

It sees him heading back to his hometown of New York after the climactic events of Civil War with his new suit and a mandate from Stark to keep up the good work, but stay out of trouble. It’s not so easy to maintain that with the alien tech-powered might of The Vulture on the warpath and things get pretty tough for Spidey before the end of the film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming first 10 minutes:

The first ten minutes of Spider-Man: Homecoming act as a very good setup to the rest of the film and answer a lot of the questions and doubts about the villain Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. It starts out with a scene set in the past, just after the events of Avengers Assemble, as Toomes is on the job to clean up the mess. He’s talking about a drawing his daughter has made for him of The Avengers, showing both his parental side and his disenfranchisement with the modern world he finds himself in.

Things go south when he’s pulled from the job by government officials trying to sweep things under the rug, but he makes it out with a little of the technology, showing his appetite for breaking the rules. Fast forward to the present day in the film and you’ve got a high-tech criminal operation that has made Toomes a rich man, but when Spider-Man gets in his way the situation is set for a huge battle between the two.

The rest of the opening ten minutes of the film is taken up by a home video that Peter Parker makes about his first adventure with Iron Man and his return trip to New York. There’s a fair amount comedy to it all, which works well, and you get the speech from Tony about the grey area that Peter is supposed to operate in now.

The rest of the film is well worth a watch and it’s already shaping up to be one of the most eagerly anticipated DVD and Blu-ray releases of the year. Check out our full review of the film at for more on how we rated it.

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