The stars of Justice League talk casting calls

Justice League casting Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The FlashFive new videos have been released online featuring the cast of Justice League in their panel slot at San Diego Comic talking about the big calls they got confirming their roles. For most of them it’s the biggest casting call of their careers now that they’re all big superhero stars and the stories are all pretty interesting to hear how it was from their side.

Check out each of the videos below, especially Ezra Miller’s, which is probably the funniest. However, they’re all pretty endearing in all fairness, whether it’s Gal Gadot’s airplane screams or Jason Momoa (Aquaman) referring to Zach Snyder as Mr. Snyder. Clearly Zach’s the real king of the ocean, or at least his office at any rate.

Casting Batman

It sounds like Ben Affleck and Zach Snyder were just sort of hanging out when ZS hit him with the news. Although, maybe Ben jumped before he was actually asked considering Zach had only shown him a sculpture of Batman fighting Superman, before Ben shotgunned the role. Either way, it’s in the bag and Justice League will be his second outing in the role following on from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. There’s also a standalone Batman film on the way, so it’s really turning into a long term appointment.

He’s sort of got a point about Batman being the coolest part in any universe, so hopefully he can do the huge role justice in the upcoming film.

Casting Wonder Woman

Obviously, the casting of Wonder Woman goes a long way back as she has already starred in Dawn Of Justice, as well as her own origins movie in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Getting the news as she touched down on a plane seems pretty exciting, but for the other passengers, getting to see a ridiculously tall and beautiful model screaming into a phone was probably a bit of an eye opener.

Casting Aquaman

Jason Momoa has got some incredibly cool action scenes from the look of all of the trailer and his casting call video above, but it turns out he got the news in Zach Snyder’s office. We’re hoping he didn’t have to call him Mr. Snyder for the entirety of his time in front of camera, but it’s pretty sweet nonetheless. He’ll be donning the turbo gills again next year in his own standalone film, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he works out in Justice League.

Aquaman will be hitting the big screen in the UK on the 5th October 2018.

Casting Cyborg

Ray Fisher may be the lesser known actor of the five, but Ray Fisher is starting to look the part in the trailers, so he could be a big part of the potential success of the film. He’s definitely the most serious of the actors in the panel too, which kind of works well for the role.

Casting The Flash

Ezra Miller (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) is pretty wired answering his question, which is pretty funny to watch, especially with his random gloves and mad voices. It’s a great story though. Who doesn’t like delicious fish. Plus, he kind of speaks as fast as the character, so that could also be a good sign for Justice League. He doesn’t have the best suit, but hopefully he can bring it around with his performance.

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