Wayfarer sunglassesWayfarers are one the greatest style innovations of the 20th century. Completely unlike any of their predecessor sunglasses, wayfarers smashed the mold of the metal frame shades and replaced it with breakthrough plastic design genius.

Created at Ray-Ban in 1952, wayfarers were an instant hit with a whole new look for sunglasses. While they’ve dipped in and out of the fashion of the time since their introduction, they’ve easily become a classic in the 21st Century. Ray-Ban wayfarers might be the original style design but there are more than a few less pricey options that have taken the overall wayfarer look. Here’s a couple of Ray-Ban’s modern equivalent Wayfarers, but JL has got the best range, so search away:

Wayfarers have been linked to pop culture for a while now and they more than likely always will. Whether it’s the Blues Brothers, Ferris Beuller or JFK, wayfarers have been integral to keeping the sun out of your eyes while looking class for nearly sixty years.

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