What are Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel’s powers and the bracelet in the Disney+ TV series

With the arrival of the first episode of Disney+’s Ms. Marvel TV series you might be wondering what are her powers and what’s the deal with the bracelet she got from her Nani back in Pakistan. It takes a long time in the season opener, Generation Y, for Kamala’s powers to kick in, but at the inaugural AvergersCon they appear to win her the Captain Marvel cosplay contest and save Zoe.

What are Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel's powers and the bracelet in the Disney+ TV series

Obviously, there’s a lot of comic book and other media appearances for Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel to go on, but not all of them tally up with the way things went down in the Disney+ TV show. For example, there is no big accident that gives her the powers like in the Marvel’s Avengers game that came out a couple of years back.

However, even here there are similarities with the giant hand that Ms. Marvel uses to catch Zoe, but unlike in the game, the hand was more a force power than her own hand stretching to supersize proportions. Either way you look at it, her powers in the Disney+ TV series seem to be different than they have been before.

What are Kamala Khan’s super powers?

If you look back to the comic books and other media featuring Kamala Khan, her abilities include superhuman strength, body stretching and size changes and changing her appearance. These are all going to be adapted for the TV series but if Episode 1 is anything to go by it seems as thought the origin and presentation of these is going to be very different.

In both the comics and other media, like the game, her powers are physical, so when she stretches and grows a giant hand to save someone or punch a villain, it’s her body that changes. She gets bigger or stretches. However, in the TV series, its a force extension that Kamala uses and it’s this force that grows and stretches, which is described as solid light in Episode 2, Crushed.

In terms of origins, her powers in the comic book come from her ancestry, which is linked to the Inhumans – a super-powered race created on Earth by the Kree using a mutagen called Terrigen Mist. When she gets older, her powers manifest themselves and her love of Captain America means that she takes on the name Ms. Marvel.

In the game, she’s an attendee at the Avengers Day celebration where she gets exposed to Terrigen during a terrorist attack led by Taskmaster. In the aftermath, she develops her powers and like the comics they’re innate to her, so not connected to some sort of mystical or cosmic artifact.

However, in the Disney+ TV series, Kamala Khan only gets abilities when she puts on the strange bracelet from her Nani in Pakistan. If you take things from there, it looks like the bracelet is a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The fact that Ms. Marvel Episode 1 is called Generation Y is a pretty good indicator that this is the case. It was further hinted at in Episode 2 with her grandmother following the stars to catch the train on time and the bracelet previously belonging to her great grandmother Aisha, which you can read more about here.

This leads to the question what is the bracelet and how does is give her the superpowers, which we’ll try to unpick in the section below.

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What is Kamala’s bracelet and how does it give her powers?

A lot of Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel origin story has at least some connection to her back story in the comics, so we’re expecting it to be a similar situation with the bracelet. This means that it’s somehow connected to the Kree, Terrigen and the Inhumans, but the question is how.

There are two main possibilities for this with the first being that the bracelet simply conveys the power to anyone that wears it through Kree Terrigen technology. This makes the wearer a temporary Inhuman and the bracelet has simply been passed down through generation after generation of Khans dating back to the Kree’s experiments on earth.

The second possibility is that the power is more unique to Kamala’s heritage and that the bracelet simply activates dormant Inhuman abilities. This would again be a derivative of Kree Terrigen technology and passed down from Khan to Khan.

We found out a little more about the bracelet in the second episode of Ms. Marvel, which will gave us some answers around the two possibilities. Bruno scans her somehow with his tablet device and says the power appears to be coming from within her, which is a good indicator that it might be the second option.

It doesn’t clear things up entirely, so we’ll learn more with Episode 3 of the Disney+ show. It could well turn out to be some other form of cosmic item passed down to Kamala, but that would be a big transition from the story of the comics that links it all to the Kree, so we’re doubtful.

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