Ms. Marvel who is Kamran’s mother and Kamala’s great grandmother, Aisha?

Episode 2 of Ms. Marvel has just arrived on Disney+ and it ended with a new character reveal for Kamran’s mother, so you might be wondering who she is. If that isn’t enough, there’s even more attention on Kamala’s grandmother, who sent her the bangle, which gives her her powers, so you might be wondering who she is too.

Ms Marvel who is Kamran's mother and Kamala's great grandmother

Obviously, we’re not on the writing team at Marvel (sadly), but here’s our Sherlokian – defintitely a phrase, by the way – effort to explain things. It follows up on our recent post on Kamala Khan’s powers in Ms. Marvel, which is working out to be along the right lines, so we’re riding high on that one at the moment.

Both Kamran’s mother and Kamala’s grandmother appear to be linked somehow. It could mean that the two love-struck teens might just be related after all, but that seems a little unlikely, and would sort of ruin the burgeoning relationship, so we’re going to stick to an alternative tack.

Who plays Kamran’s mother?

Firstly, Kamran’s mum is played by Nimra Bucha, who starred in Manto, Baandi and Kamli in Pakistan. Ms Marvel is her first western production and if Episode 2 is anything to go by she might be pivotal to the plot.

She only appear at the end of the episode where Kamran arrives out of nowhere in his ridiculously fancy car to save Kamala. When Kamala takes off her mask, he introduces his mother who says she’s been waiting a very long time to meet her.

From this short scene we have a few mysteries to uncover. Firstly, how does Kamran show up just at the right time and place to pick up Kamala when she’s dressed in her Ms. Marvel costume. Secondly, who is his mother and why has she been waiting a long time to meet her.

However, the end scene isn’t the first time Kamala has seen the woman, because earlier in Episode 2 she sees a vision of her just as she’s trying to save the boy at the mosque. She’s also the same woman she sees just before blacking out when her dad tells the story about her grandmother and great grandmother.

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Who is she and how might she be linked to Kamala’s powers?

From all of this, it seems certain that the woman is linked to Kamala’s bracelet and powers somehow. But, more importantly, the visions and the fact that Kamran is able to get to her just at the right time and place hints at the possibility of his mother having some kind of powers too.

In terms of who his mother is, we’ll kind of have to wait and see for sure, but it’s possible that she might have the same Inhuman powers that we’re assuming Kamala has. If that’s the case then her story will be entwined with that of great grandmother Aisha, who owned the bracelet before Kamala.

Maybe there’s a dual line of Inhuman genes created by the Terregen Mist of the Kree republic at the dawn of humanity on earth. It seems like it might skip generations, so Kamala has it in her family and Kamran’s mother has it in theirs.

Who is Kamala’s great grandmother?

Aisha, Kamala’s great grandmother in Ms. Marvel, disappeared during Partition. Kamala’s mother Muneeba doesn’t like to talk about it, but on a call to her grandmother, Sana, Kamala finds out that the bracelet that gives her powers belonged to Aisha.

Sana is also the girl that Kamala’s dad Yusuf talks about at the dinner table with Aamir and Tayesha. In the story, she makes it back to the train miraculously following stars just before it pulled out of the station.

On the same night, Sana’s mother, Aisha, disappeared as they were leaving and Sana’s father had a leg injury, so clearly something big went down that night. We’re betting that this was also linked to the bracelet and Inhuman powers that run in Kamala’s family, as well as to Kamran’s mother and her lineage.

However, we’re not always right, so you might want to take this with a pinch of Terregin Mist. For example, we also recently had a theory about on another big Disney+ show at the moment with the mention of Quinlan Vos in Obi Wan Kenobi.

Sadly, the character hasn’t made an appearance as of yet and while we’re not 100% ruling it out, Season 1 is about the end, so it will have to be in a second innings if it does land. Maybe we’ll be vindicated a little in the end, but in terms of Kamran’s mother and kamala’s great grandmother, we’ll update things here as soon as we know for sure.

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