Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise school & hospital how to unlock & build

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise school & hospital how to unlock & build latest

The October 15th 2021 Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0 Nintendo Direct filled in a lot of details, so here’s everything you need to know about the coolest feature, the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise school and hospital. The new facilities are a part of the paid DLC that came to the game on the 5th November 2021, ad with the game in our grasp, here’s how to unlock them both and how to build them.

While you could previously make your own home look like a school or a hospital, it’s only with the upcoming DLC that you’ll get a chance to create them both in the same area without affecting your house in the main game. The DLC is called Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise and it retails at $24.99 in the US, and £22.49 UK.

However, it doesn’t look as though you’ll get the Hospital and the school straight away. Instead, you’ll need to work pretty hard to get them both. You can read more about the process below, but the general idea in ACHHP is that you go their to help people find their perfect holiday home and by doing that you get rewards and riches along the way.

How Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise works

When you get to the resort archipelago you’ll be set to work by Paradise Planning thanks to a reference from Tom Nook. The job is to design a series of vacation homes for travelers looking for the perfect place to call home from home. Lottie is your main contact on the resort and she’ll introduce you to the rest of the team when you first arrive.

Each character that you help will have their own specific requirements in terms of their dream holiday home, so you’ll need to listen to their requests and make them happen. If they want a lot of plush bears, then give them a lot of plush bears. You can then add your own embellishments to your designs to finish things off.

To start with, you’ll need to choose which island on the archipelago you want them to live and then you need to place the specified items into the new home. Each island is different, so it’s up to you to decide which one ties in best with the character’s aspirations for their paradise holiday home.

You’ll be able to design both the interior of the home and the yard and there will be new design options like ceiling lighting and feature wallpaper. You’ll also be able to change the season, time of day and weather to match your mood, so there’s a lot to play around with.

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How to unlock the school and hospital

As you help more characters, you’ll unlock new design techniques along the way, for example, room extensions and internal walls. You’ll also unlock the ability to work on the vacant buildings where Lottie’s Paradise Planning office is. There are a number of them around the island and Lottie will start you off on the first one as soon as you get in a good number of Happy Home Paradise sales.

The two facilities that featured in the Nintendo Direct presentation were the school and the hospital, so as soon as you pass the test of helping characters with their dream home, Lottie will start you off with the school. This unlocks after you’ve got six islanders happily into their newly decorated holiday homes and you’ve had a couple of days progress in Happy Home Paradise.

Follow the same technique and the hospital and the rest of the facilities will open up too. You can redesign them at any time you want by talking to Lottie, so don’t worry if there’s something that you grow to dislike over time.

How to build the perfect school and hospital

Start by choosing which vacant building you want for each of the facilities. You can then choose the exterior design for your school and hospital from the options. Other facilities that you can work on include a cafe and restaurant, so it definitely broadens the scope of what you can achieve in the game with the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC.

The thing that really set off the school design in the Nintendo Direct Presentation is the windows, which are actually custom designs, so you’ll need to create these yourself if you want things to look the same. Other than that, it’s a simple case of putting in the desks, chalk board and embellishments to make it come to life.

For the hospital, the question is whether or not you want it to be a waiting room design or the wards. The latter looks the most impressive and you’ll have options like hospital beds, partitions, monitors and doctor desks to make it look like the real thing.

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