Birds Of Prey UK release date (2020), age rating and runtime latest

Birds of Prey UK release

Margot Robbie will be returning to the role of Harley Quinn this year with the support of some of Gotham’s feathered femmes and with the Birds Of Prey UK release date confirmed (details below) the countdown is on for the next film in the DC Extended Universe. Bat’r-up for more high-kicking action with everything we know so far about the upcoming film, including the trailer at the bottom of the page and the latest on the age rating and runtime.

The character was easily the best new addition to the DCEU from the 2016 film Suicide Squad, which wasn’t massively loved by critics or fans. However, with Margot Robbie leading the cast as Harley Quinn, Birds Of Prey is definitely one of the most exciting movies scheduled for Q1 2020. She’s been pretty busy since her previous outing as Harley and recently picked up her first Quentin Tarantino role in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, along with two Academy Award nominations for I, Tonya and Bombshell.

It’s been a few years since the release of Suicide Squad back in 2016 and it seems like Harley might have grown a little since then, having said goodbye to her former main man, The Joker. The film is shaping up pretty well and you can see Margot Robbie in action in the trailer below. It had been expected for a while, but it went on to come out back in October 2019 before trailer 2 dropped in January 2020.

We were also treated to the arrival of a micro-teaser ahead of DC Films’ completion of the full official trailer and Robbie got a lot of the limelight. She’ll have a new squad to run in for the film, taking on the Gotham underbelly with the help of her new feathered friends, Huntress played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Black Canary played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Gotham City cop Renee Montoya played by Rosie Perez as cop Renee and Cassandra Cain played by Ella Jay Basco. They look very cool in the character poster of them below.

Birds Of Prey character artwork
The Birds of Prey characters poster
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Birds Of Prey release date UK, US and North America

Margot Robbie will be back as the HQ of all HQs in Birds Of Prey with a UK release date slated for Friday the 7th February 2020. It’s also out in the US on the same date, but there’s always room for a little flux as we get closer to the release, so we’ll update the details with more information as it becomes available.

As things stand, it’ll release in the UK on the same date and while it initially had a clear run for the box office #1 spot it didn’t take long for things to change. It will have to go up against the Dolittle adaptation starring Robert Downey Jr in the title role. It’s a bit of a surprise for something to come along at such late notice with the ability to challenge Birds Of Prey to the box office crown that week and it’ll be close in terms of which films takes the limelight.

You can check out some seriously cool Birds Of Prey posters to see the characters in a little more detail and you can keep tabs on the release on the Warner Bros. website at

Age rating and parents guide

An official age rating has now been confirmed for the UK by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) with the 15 certificate announcement coming at the end of January 2020. Suicide Squad had an age rating of 15, and while the rumour that Birds Of Prey would be R rated in the US went on to be correct – making it a contender for an 18 certificate in the UK – it went on to be get a 15 rating from the BBFC.

The parents guide notes include strong violence, injury detail, language and sexual threat, so it looks like BOP is going to be fairly intense. It’s the second R rated film in the DCEU following on from Joker, so this could well be the way forward for the Extended Universe as DC lines itself up as the more serious alternative to Marvel.


As with the age rating, the Birds Of Prey runtime has also been announced with the film clocking in at 109 minutes. That’s around ten minutes shorter than Suicide Squad, which was 2 hours 3 minutes long, so BOP should be a punchier effort. The last DC Extended Universe film release was Aquaman, which had a runtime of 2 hours 23 minutes, which initially suggested that DC films would be getting longer, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

You can also look at the most successful flicks from the other side of the comic book divide with the lives of Avengers Endgame being 3 hours and 1 minute long. When you take all of this into account it’s surprising that the Birds Of Prey runtime went on to be so much shorter, but then Joker was just a little over 2 hours, so clearly there isn’t a specific trend in the comic book movie world.

Birds Of Prey trailer:

The trailer is a bit all over the place, but there are just enough positives to make this intriguing. Margot Robbie continues to be the perfect Harley Quinn and the rest of the cast look good, so it could be a fun film. A lot will depend on how the Birds all come together and how well they go up against the underworld forces of the Black Mask, which you can see more of with the recently released trailer 2.