Blue Moon, Tufnell Park

Blue Moon, Tuffnell ParkSmall, tucked away and little known, Blue Moon Tufnell Park has a lot to say for itself when it comes to taste and dedication to Thai cuisine excellence. Unassuming in the extreme with polite and attentive service, it more than compensates for it’s slightly humble outlook with a very strong menu that will make you wish you’d worn your elasticated girdle.

When it comes to Thai restaurants, it doesn’t get much better than a pot of Jasmine tea, mouthwatering starters and a main course that surprises you with the power and delicacy of its flavour. The good news is that’s exactly what you can expect from Blue Moon as the service quietly lays out bowl after plate after cup of brilliance.

We went with the crispy wanton starter to kick things off and they had a great texture. The chicken inside is delicious with the sweet chilli dipping sauce, and they were added to by some delicious classic Thai spring rolls. The drunken noodles are lush, but not necessarily the best in the world (according to a close friend there’s a place in Reno Nevada that’s got that crown, but then that’s thousands of miles away from Tufnell Park, so Blue Moon definitely gets the North London equivalent). However, the yellow curry is literally sublime with chicken or vegetable options, leaving you feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself.

The menu is one of the most impressive elements of the little Thai cafe as it’s like the Tardis or Mary Poppins’ handbag in that the kitchen output capabilities are much bigger than the size of the restaurant would seem to imply. If you can’t find your favourite Thai dish on the menu with ease, no matter how obscure, we’ll be very surprised.

The restaurant has a distinctly cafe-like feel to it with a smallish single room filled with cute little seats and simple Thai decorations. It adds to the traditional ethos that the restaurant gives off and reassures you that what you’re getting is something a little bit special.

Blue Moon may not be fancy, but it’s got a little bit of class and a whole lot of taste. Just around the corner from Tufnell Park tube stop (check out the map below to hunt it down), it’s got a great, quick lunch menu for days at the Heath, and the evening menu has got more options than you’ll ever feasibly be able to pass through once in a lifetime.

Blue Moon, Tufnell Park review: 4/5

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