Cafe Pacino, Barnet

Cafe Pacino, Barnet, Al Pacino memorabeliaThis place is ace. If the name hasn’t given the game away then I don’t know what will. Cafe Pacino in Barnet is literally a cafe dedicated to the cinematic glory of Al Pacino.

Figurines, statues and photos line every inch of the place in an homage to his legacy. The Godfather and Scar Face get the lions share of the focus, both of which inspire dishes on the menu. The Godfather, for example, is a massive fried breakfast with all the trimmings.

The food isn’t overly fancy, but it definitely hits the spot. However, the reality is that it isn’t necessarily the food that you go for. You go to sit in kitsched up wonder at the sheer dedication to Al Pacino.

Cafe Pacino, Barnet, Godfather breakfastCafe Pacino has to be seen to be appreciated. However, I reckon the place could go even further if it wanted to. As well as all of the memorabilia, they could also have a rule that the waiters and waitresses only speak if they are either putting on an Al Pacino accent or if they are directly quoting from one of his classic roles.

Me: “Do you have any ketchup?”, Waiter: “Hoo-ahhh!”. Me: “£1.50 for a cup of tea, that’s a bit steep!”, Waiter: “It’s not personal, sonny. It’s strictly business.”. Me: “Hey, can i get the bill?”, Waiter: “Say hello to my little friend.”

Cafe Pacino, Barnet review: 4/5