Dead Boss commissioned for BBC 3 in 2012

Dead BossA new installation of comedy was commissioned by BBC 3 in early 2012 with Dead Boss, a dark story of managercide. Filming began in February with the show first airing on Thursday 14th June 2012 with 6 episodes going out for the British sitcom.

Co-written by stand-up comedian Holly Walsh and Irish actress, writer and comedian, Sharon Horgan, Dead Boss does pretty much what it says on the tin. Horgan plays squeaky clean Helen Stephens who finds herself falsely imprisoned for the murder of her boss. When her self belief that she will eventually be pronounced innocent breaks down in the face of relentless adversity, the murder mystery element of the show kicks in.


However, when you’re stuck behind the bars of Broadmarsh Prison, it isn’t exactly easy finding the real killer of her boss, and therein lies the rub for Helen. With tough fellow prisoners to face and a warden that’s not too keen on her, as well as the knowledge that she’s innocent, it’s an uphill struggle from early on for the wide-eyed inmate.

Jennifer Saunders, Geoff McGivern and Bryony Hannah (Life’s Too Short) also star in the new addition to BBC 3’s comedy fold alongside Horgan. Saunders plays the warden of the prison, which makes for a pretty interesting character as its very different from her previous roles. While McGivern will be the useless lawyer fighting her case for innocence and Hannah will be Helen’s arsonist cellmate, Christine.

There’s only six 30 minute episodes in the first series of Dead Boss, but with such an impressive cast and new writing talent behind it could see it becoming a but of a cult show in time. Either way, it’s a funny new addition to BBC 3’s comedy might. There’s no word on a second series as of yet, but it could be on the cards in the future for the who done it.