The Woman in Black film review

Daniel Radcliff in The Women in BlackAKA Harry Potter and The Woman in Black, the film opens out with a family scene that feels a little too close to a potential sequel to the J.K. Rowlings fantasy series. This gets even more surreal when he gets on the train to head up to check documents of the estate of the house of The Women in Black and you half expect him to crack out a chocolate frog. However, despite this the film is pretty haunting and will leave you spooked for the rest of the night.

Though Daniel Radcliff’s acting skills are a little wooden and he doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to have fathered a child and lost a wife to difficulties in child birth, this actually suits the film well enough as it leaves a lot of focus for the real star of the film, the CGI inspired scary ass Women in Black.


Radcliff plays lone parent lawyer Arthur Kipps as he is sent up te’h”North to handle the estate of Eel Marsh House with the threat of the sack hanging over him and his financially vulnerable little family. Thus the stage is set for him to open creaking doors and follow darkly lit corridors almost fearlessly in the pursuit of getting the job done, which gives the film the basis for it’s many jumpy moments.

As horror films go in general, The Women in Black film is slightly tame, but nevertheless pretty scary. The wild rocking chair and hyperactive wind-up toys are frightening to say the least and startling flashes of darkness chill instantly.

The Woman in Black film review: 3.5/5