Gal Gadot teaches Conan O’Brien to fight like Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Conan O'BrienWith the upcoming release date for Marvel’s latest superhero epic, Wonder Woman, the star of the film, Gal Gadot, is everywhere at the moment. Her latest efforts have been with US talk show host Conan O’Brien, who gets a master-class in fighting like an Amazonian princess, along with the tiara, bracelets and shield to complete the look.

There’s more than seven minutes of comedy to the segment from the Conan O’Brien, and you can see it all in the video below, which should help with all our bids to be a bit more wonderful. It features Gal Gadot trying to show Conan how to improve his superhero action sequences, which includes martial arts training, sword fighting and bronco busting as he tries to impress Wonder Woman herself.


He starts out by doing a little limbering up with his long chicken legs flying all over the place, before Gal introduces him to her martial arts trainer for some high kicking moves. Next up, he gets to face off against the actress and former Miss Israel as he gets to grips with the sword and shield, but it descends into a sword length contest between Conan and the trainer.

Conan O’Brien working out with Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot:

If things weren’t silly enough at this stage, Conan takes it up a notch by donning the Wonder Woman outfit to get to grips with the power of the bracelets. The bullet shots are pretty funny, especially when he catches one in his mouth, chews it up and spits it out. Sadly for his, Gal is still pretty unimpressed by his superhero potential.

Desperate to look the part, he heads off screen, before returning dressed in his own superhero outfit, which includes his trademark tie and shirt and a comic book quiff that’s only slightly more ridiculous than his real one. The muscle padding helps to hide his sparrow legs, but unfortunately he doesn’t get his own superhero name, although, maybe when your name is Conan, you don’t really need one.

To cap it all off, Frogs Legs Man wants to get some tips on riding from Gal, but with no horse he has to make do with a mechanical bull, which is as daft as it gets.

Wonder Women will be out in the UK on the 1st June 2017, so that gives you more than enough time to practice your own Amazonian battle stance. It took Gal six months of training to get into character as Diana Prince, so don’t beat yourself up if you still look a bit like Conan with a little under a week to go.


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By Gerard Harris

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