IT Crowd Finale about to start filming

The IT CrowdFatherrrrrrrr… It’s official, The IT Crowd finale will be starting filming shortly bringing much needed closure to the series. While its been rumoured since the end of the fourth series in 2010, it’s only just coming to life in reality, bringing all of the surviving characters back to give them and the show a fond farewell.

Though there was initially talk of a fifth series in 2011, this was eventually changed to a series finale rumoured to be aired in 2012. However, the super busy schedules of now mega-stars Richard Ayoade and Chris O’Dowd (Cuban Fury) combined with the child bearing of Katherine Parkinson has left series creator Graham Linehan with no alternative but to keep his script on the back burner.


The good news is that this year the stars are aligned and the series is about to start filming bringing Linehan, Ayoade, O’Dowd, Parkinson and Matt Berry back together for one last geektron hurrah. The news broke when Linehan tweeted that the rumours were true recently and he’s been following it up with more details, including a recent announcement that he’ll be re-writing the script he originally finished in 2012 for the special one-off finale.

By all accounts the 40 minute show will be airing on Channel 4 later this year, but no release date has been announced as of yet. While there isn’t necessarily much of an ongoing storyline throughout the four series to close the loop on, the special will give us a chance to say goodbye to Roy, Moss, Jen, Douglas and Richmond properly.

The IT Crowd first aired in 2006, quickly becoming Graham Linehan’s third successful TV series following the earlier genius of both Father Ted and Black Books. It was a great introduction for Ayoade, O’Dowd and Parkinson, who were big factors in the show becoming the cult comedy it is, as well as being a cool show for Noel Fielding, Chris Morris and Matt Berry to be a part of.

If, for whatever daft reason, you’ve never seen The IT Crowd, it’s a pretty self explanatory show. Essentially it follows the hapless lives of the IT department at the fictional London company, Reynholm Industries. You can catch up on a lot of the episodes from the previous 4 series on 4OD before the finale airs, but if you want to watch all of them you’ll need to invest in the DVD.