Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy bosses and boss fight tips

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy bosses

It’s time to take things back to space with our rundown of the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy bosses and the good news is that there are a fair few monsters to take down. The game came out on the 26th October 2021, so the list of epic boss fights is being updated on a regular basis to give you the latest on the creatures and people you have to beat in the game.

The third-person action adventure follows in the footsteps of Marvel’s Avengers, which landed about two years ago. Both are the work of Japanese publishers, Square Enix, who have built on the action and incredible animation of games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and XV to bring the Marvel universe to life for the gaming world. However, this time it’s through Eidos Montreal, rather than Crystal Dynamics, and their last game was Shadow of the Tomb Raider back in 2018, so there’s a lot of gaming might behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Obviously, this is a slightly different interpretation of the superhero team to that of the film with new styling for Star Lord, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, and a fresh storyline building on decades of comic book adventures. However, Groot and Rocket are pretty much the same (although they’re not voiced by Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper).

You only get to control Peter Quill directly, but you’ll have command options for everyone else, which you’ll need to master to win all of the boss fights, especially the epic final confrontation.

Featured bosses

Our list of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy bosses will only include the big name characters and monsters that can be described as proper boss fights. For anything that hasn’t been seen yet, but gets a mention as a character, you can check out the second part of the list below, which will also include any pre-release rumours, speculation and wishes.


This is the big beast tentacle swinging thing that Lady Hellbender sicks on the Guardians towards the end of Chapter 2 and if you’re not familiar with the character, it’s one of Doctor Strange’s toughest opponents. It is also the monster that Shang Chi has to face in The Legend of the Ten Rings, which portrayed it as a terrifying soul-eater of epic proportions.

It may not look quite as dominant here, but it’s still set to be one of the first real threats that Quill and the team have to beat. By this stage, you will only have Peter’s ice element unlocked, but the main use of this is to sever the limbs as part of the cut scene action moves you’ll get to use against it.

To beat Dweller-in-Darkness, you want to stun the tentacles as quickly as possible, so focus your blaster shots at them and use the charge shot if you have it unlocked. You can quickly achieve stun by using Rocket on one of the tentacles when it lands, which you can see in the video below, but it needs good timing to get it right.

Once you have a tentacle stunned, use Groot to hold it down in place and then unleash Gamora and your blasters to wreak as much damage on it as possible. You should be able to finish one off in a single go, which then triggers the cut scene action move, so look out for the on-screen prompts to land these.

Repeat this process for the rest of the tentacles and once they’re all gone you’ll just have the head. Wait for it to fire out its bombs and get Drax to send them back to it until you fill the stun gauge. You can then use Gamora’s action move to finish off the boss.

It may not be the first monster you fight in MGOTG – that title goes to the ball things in Chapter 1 and there’s the cubes and Stranger Things beasts in Chapter 2 – but it is the first of the bosses. It’s also a really good opening boss fight, but there’s isn’t another one quite like it for a long time in the game, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The Blood Brothers

Garek and Rosson Blood are a couple of meat heads hired by Lady Hellbender as Bounty Hunters on the tail of The Guardians of the Galaxy. They corner Peter on his own in Nowhere and with seemingly impregnable suits of armor its easy to think that the fight is impossible.

The trick is to separate them, because for some reason they’re suits are set up only to work when they’re close enough to each other to smell their BO. This isn’t easy to do on your own, but after you get pummeled a little Gamora and then Drax show up to make things a little easier. From there you can blast them to bits and throw in the guys to run distraction duty.

Universal Church of Truth Priest robots

This is more of a mini boss fight than a full heavy hitter, but we wanted to include it to give you some tips on how to beat it. What you want to do it to stun it as quickly as possible and then use heavy hits to do as much damage as possible.

The stun is inflicted with a combination Drax’s Destroy stun move and Peter Quill’s charged shot. When it’s down, use Gamora and Rocket to deal big damage and keep firing at it. You can then use Groot’s hold move at the end of this to extend your potential to take it down fast.

You’ll then get a prompt for an action move, which usually ends with Groot taring off one of its arms, but you’ll have new health bars to deal with each time. Cycle, rinse and repeat the process and you should be able to bring it down fast. Speed isn’t terribly important against it on your first battle, but there are more later in the game that tie in with waves of other enemies, so it’s good to be able to bring them down fast.

Grand Unifier Raker boss fight

Inspired by Cardinal Raker from the Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, Grand Unifier Raker is the founder and one of the main leaders of the Universal Church of Truth. To begin with he doesn’t seem to want to hurt the team as he tries to get them to go to see The Matriarch (more details below), but things don’t stay cordial for long.

He might not look as strong as Lady Hellbender or the Dweller, but we’re expecting this to be a tougher boss fight. The very first time you face him, he’s not at his full power and he retreats fairly quickly, so there’s not much to it. Aim for staggers with a combination of Drax and Groot and then use Rocket, Gamora and Peter to crush him with damage until he retreats. Stay out of his way when things get cloudy and use dodge if he gets too close.

You then have to face him again right at the end of the game and you can use a similar strategy. However, it’s a longer fight and he’s got three tough health bars and shields to bring down, so you might need some of Groot’s final ability to stay in the game. You can see it in full in the video below.

You’ll need to take down his shields before you can sick Drax on him though to go for the stagger. Quill’s blasters and Rockets guns and bombs are a good way to speed this up and then you can also get Drax to throw some of the stone blocks at Raker to add to the carnage. Once you have the stagger, you can then crank up the damage to start chipping away at his health bars.

Fog Guardians of the Galaxy

This is another mini boss fight, of sorts. Or at least, that’s the way that it looks to begin with. Creepy fog versions of the Guardians rise up out of the ground and it seems like you need to beat them to win. However, every time you take one out they instantly respawn, so the whole thing seems unbeatable.

Instead, what you need to do is send Rocket into the opening on the left to blow up the face and then keep persuading him to get into the one on the right through the waterfall to complete the job. It takes a few times, but he gives in when Groot and Gamora are seized by the fog.

Drax mind flarked Thanos

This is another weird mini boss fight that can go on as long as you want it to. It takes place in Drax’s mind, so it’s not a real Thanos and each time you beat it, which isn’t tough to do, it doubles. If you’re looking for a challenge, try to see how many of them you can end up against before you get swarmed. Let us know what your tally was on Twitter.

The way to get past it is simply to give in to defeat and move on. It’s a part of Drax’s healing process, so get into the catharsis of surrender and you should be fine.

Richard Rider

This is a relatively short space battle. It’s not that tough and you just need to fly around and shoot out the targets on Richard Rider’s ship every time it reappears to take it down. Serpentine formation will see you avoiding most of the fire, but you can barrel roll to get out of the way entirely if you’re feeling adventurous.

Purple green monsters

You take these on later on in the game when you go hunting for the Dragon Lord Fin Fang Foom. They look like they’re going to be similar to the the Stranger Things monsters in Chapter 2, but they’re way tougher. They’re not named bosses, but seeing as they’re as tough as one, here’s a few tips on how to beat them.

Target one and focus on beating it first. Use Drax and Groot to get the stagger and then hit it with everything else to deal big damage. Once you finish one the other will be way easier. Dodge and stay away from the gas it fires out and you should be able to to finish them.

Fin Fang Foom dragon boss

The Dragon Lord is very cool looking and a lot of fun to take on. You’ll find it on a sea of ice and it’s got frozen armor to protect it. Use Quill’s heat wave blasters to get rid of it all and then you can blast it a little, but this won’t do that much damage. Instead, you need to wait for it to fire down a big hunk of ice and get Drax and Groot to shoot it as it with the on-screen prompts. Avoid the barrage that rains down on you with a dodge slides, but keep an eye out for the action move prompt.

This will stun the dragon boss and bring its head down to the ground to give you free hits on its with your highest damage attacks. Cycle through all of the Guardians best damage moves and then use Quill’s Fan the Hammer to max out the potential before Fin Fang Foom recovers.

If you’re not too sure how to do this, you can check out how to use Peter Quill’s abilities here. You can also see the entire Fin Fang Foom boss fight in the video above to see all of the tips in action. Repeat the steps and you’ll take down the monster for Lady Hellbender.

The Final boss fight… Magus

Once you defeat Grand Unifier Raker in his final form, you then get the end scene walk of glory for the Guardians of the Galaxy, but when you get back to the Milano, Adam Warlock starts to complain about not feeling good. It starts to sound a little like he’s got space travel sickness, but it turns out he’s being overtaken by Magus and this kicks off the final boss fight in the game.

It isn’t massively challenging though and it’s mostly just a cool looking tie up the loose ends kind of thing. You get this giant Magus form in front of you and you’ll need to run to Nikki to use her shield to protect you and the rest of the Guardians from the huge planet the dark form of Warlock has fired down at you. After that, you’ll have some enemies to fight and then you go back to taunting Magus.

You’ll need to go through this process a couple of times before the end sequence begins. It starts as a cut scene with Nikki running with the Soul Stone and turns into a quicktime button press exercise to finish him off. Get all fo the on-screen button presses right and it’ll culminate in Peter Quill confronting Magus with the Soul Stone and saving the entire flarking galaxy yet again… #legend!

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Other potential Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy bosses

Lady Hellbender

This formidable character looked set to take on the Guardians at some point throughout the game from the trailers. You might be a bit skeptical at first, with her romantic overtures to Drax in the cinematic she’s featured in, but there’s a later section that sees her setting the Dweller-in-Darkness monster on them, so things definitely take a turn for the worse.

You can read more about the Dweller monster above, but she goes on to say, “Guardians of the Galaxy, how many more times do I have to kill you”, which tells us a lot.

She’d already sent her forced after them by this time, thinking that they were D.E.A.D already, but they keep managing to get out of danger in the end. She clearly sets herseff against them completely with their raid on her vault and no amount of amorous intentions to the Destroyer can sway her.

The boss she sets on them is pretty tough, but this is very early on in the game, so they obviously make it through and we weere hoping to have to fight Lady Hellbender in the aftermath.

Sadly, that’s not the case, and it turns out that Eidos Montreal have a different plan for Lady H and her monsters, which turns out to be pretty cool.

The Matriarch

Before the launch of the game, it looked like the Matriarch could go on to be the final boss, but that’s not the case. At the time, not much was known about the character, but as with everything to do with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, she looked pretty imposing. We knew that she was linked to the Universal Church of Truth and that Raker wanted the team to meet her when he’s introduced to the story, which lead to a few potential conclusions.

Firstly, we know that the church is powered by their belief, so it sounds like The Matriarch will by the embodiment of this power, which, as it turns out, is exactly the case. We thought we saw her in two distinct forms in the footage for the game. Firstly, standing in human form, and later as just a huge space head in from the Guardian’s ship. However, the latter turned out to be the Worldmind Nova Corps supercomputer.

There are a lot of other villains that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game could have thrown at us in terms of bosses. There are the obvious ones like Ronan the Accuser, The Collector or Thanos (who does get in on the action in a small way), but equally there are plenty of lesser known monsters that they could face.

A good example of this is Adam Warlock’s darker side, Magus, and in fact Adam was actually a member of the team in the comic book stories (it turns out this was our best suggestion). Other villains that would have made excellent bosses are Kang the Conqueror, the Beyonder, Annihilus, Super-Skrull and Mistress Death.

The game doesn’t throw many of these at you, though, maybe with the intention of saving some for a potential sequel, but it was interesting to see how the story played out and what bosses did feature in the end.

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