Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy how to use Peter Quill’s abilities

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy how to use Peter Quill's abilities

When you start to play Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you’re going to want to be able to use Peter Quill’s abilities pretty much straight away. However, it’s easy to miss how the mechanics of the system work, so here’s a rundown of everything that you need to know about his special moves and how to do them in combat.

Using the rest of the team’s abilities is pretty much straight forward with a simple press of the L1 button on PlayStation consoles and the LB button on Xbox. From there you can choose which character to use and which of their abilities to unleash. You’ll unlock more of them as you pick up ability points. However, Star-Lord’s move set is a bit less obvious in terms of the buttons to press to access the.

To begin with, Peter will only have one ability, which is Vantage Point, which will allow him to fly into the air for a sustained hover to rain down blaster fire on enemies. However, like the rest of the team, as you pick up ability points you can then add in Fan the Hammer, Eye of the Hurricane and a hidden one, which we’ll talk about at the end of the page for you to choose if you want to find out about it early or not.

How to use Peter Quill’s abilities

You may have accidentally triggered one of Peter’s abilities, like the Eye of the Hurricane once you unlock it. However, it isn’t clear how to do this on command. The button that you need to press is down on the left analogue stick button, which is called the L3 on the PS4 and PS5.

This will then bring up Quill’s ability wheel menu in a similar way L1 or LB does for the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy team in the game. Once you’ve got the menu up it’s a simply case of choosing which ability you want him to perform and you do that with the standard buttons on the right hand side of your control panel, but there will be on-screen prompts for these.

There’s a cool down period for these, so you’ll need to time your use of them to land the best damage and you can find out a little more about that in the tips section below. You can see the cool down charge point in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and they’re in a similar position and alignment as the abilities for the support characters in the game.

If you’re not too sure how to get Ability Points to unlock more moves, it’s simply a case of destroying enemies in battle. At the end of any confrontation, you’ll get a big slug of Xp, which will add up to the points system and you can also get bonuses for doing it as swiftly as you can, so the better you string things together, the more XP you’ll get and the quicker you’ll get more Ability Points to unlock the other moves.

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Hints and tips for Peter Quill’s abilities

Firstly, you’re going to want to unlock Fan the Hammer. The name tells you everything you need to know about this move as it’s all about building big damage at key times. The idea is that you use Drax to stun an enemy with his Destroy move and when their stun bar is full you’ll do extra damage, which is when you can unleash the might of the Fan the Hammer ability.

You can then string this in with other big damage moves like Gamora’s Deadly strike to take down something big in super quick time. A good example would be the Dweller-in-Darkness boss. When its tentacles are stunned, you can tie them down with Groot’s Entangle and then combine Deadly Strike and Fan the Hammer to take them down in a matter of seconds.

Eye of the Hurricane is a good crowd control ability, which Peter can use any time he gets swarmed. If you’re surrounded and you want to buy yourself some space, throw out the Hurricane and watch everyone drop to the floor with a good chunk of damage done.

You can also combine up Eye of the Hurricane with Rocket’s Gravistick Grenade if there are a lot of enemies in one place, but not necessarily close together. Use Rocket to draw a batch of them in one place and then walk up to them with Peter to hit them all with the Hurricane. You can kind of do it with Groot’s Entangle too, but Rocket’s is definitely the best for this.

Now it’s time to talk about the last of Quill’s abilities, which you unlock towards the end of the game. It’s called Shield of Spartax and it makes Star-Lord completely invincible for short period of time. A good time to use this is when there’s a lot of enemies firing at you and you want to focus on a big enemy without worrying about snipers or pot shots from gunners.

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