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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy how many chapters

If you’ve recently started playing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you might be wondering how many chapters there are in the game until the end. You can check out the details below to see what you’ve got ahead of you and you can also see more details on each of the chapters in the section at the bottom of the page to fill in any blanks you might have.

The story starts out with the Guardians as they’re searching a restricted area of space where the remnants of the galactic war are being dealt with. If you’ve watched any of the films, then you’ll know that things rarely go to plan for Peter Quill and his team, so it doesn’t take long for their plan to snag a monster to sell to Lady Hellbender to come undone.

However, they don’t really realise just how undone they leave things until way later in the game and as you might expect, they have to save the galaxy – twice as it turns out. With approximately 20 hours of gameplay in the campaign and story there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into and that doesn’t include all fo the collectible and outfit hunting you’re likely to do after that.

How many chapters in the game

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has 16 core chapters to play, plus the prologue, which is a short origin piece with a young Peter Quill on the day his life changed forever. The good news is that you can replay the chapters any time you want to from the Main Menu. You just need to have completed them in the main campaign and then they’ll be unlocked in the chapters menu.

The main reason to replay the chapters will be to hunt for collectibles and outfits, but you can also do it if you’re trying to 100% the trophies in the game. You can see below the approximate play times for each of them to give you a better idea of how much time it’s likely going to take to make it through, so you can plan your attack a little better.

In addition to the replay option for individual chapters, you also get to replay the game once you complete it with New Game Plus. This will allow you to start things right from the very start, but carrying over your upgrades and abilities from your first play through, which will extend the gameplay time by a long way.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapters and game length

Prologue (approx. 6 minutes) – this is where you start in the game as young Peter Quill. He dreams of his mum and the day the Chitauri showed up at their farm, which ultimately leads to his space odyssey and transition to becoming Star Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chapter 1 – A Risky Gamble (approx. 1 hour 20 minutes) – The Guardians are low on funds, so they’re out in the Quarantine Zone to capture a rare monster that they’ve been tipped off about to sell for big money to collector, Lady Hellbender.

Chapter 2 – Busted (approx. 30 minutes) – The Guardians get apprehended by Nova Corps for trespassing in the Quarantine Zone, but things take a turn for the worse when an explosion on Grand Unifier Raker’s ship causes havok. Quill jumps in to rescue young Cadet Gold, the daughter of Nova Centurion Ko-Rel, who he used have a relationship with. They get left with a huge fine to pay to secure their freedom.

Chapter 3 – The Cost of Freedom (approx. 1 hour 45 minutes) – With a plan to sell either Groot or Rocket to Lady H to get the funds for the Nova Corps fine they land on Seknarf Nine. However, with storms they end up coming down a long way away from her fortress and have to trek the rest of the way on foot.

Chapter 4 – The Monster Queen (approx. 50 minutes) – The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive at the fortress and start to negotiate with the Lady of the keep. However, it doesn’t go well and they end up on a smash and grab mission for her vault with a brief fight with the Dweller-in-Darkness boss for their efforts.

Chapter 5 – Due or Die (approx. 1 hour) – With the funds to pay off the fine they head to the Rock to meet back up with Centurion Ko-Rel, but things have gotten a lot creepier with the Nova Corps since the last time they met.

Chapter 6 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place (approx. 55 minutes) – The team fly to Nowhere to report what happened to Cosmo and get some rest after all of the crazy scraps they’ve gotten into. However, rest and recuperation isn’t exactly what they get in Nowhere.

Chapter 7 – Canine Confusion (approx. 1 hour 30 minutes) – Once you get out of the cell, Cosmo sends you back to Ko-Rel’s ship to search for answers about what happened there.

Chapter 8 – The Matriarch (approx. 1 hour 45 minutes) – Here’s where the Guardians get to see the reality behind the universal Church of Truth and what happened to Nikki and Ko-Rel. There are some tough battles here as the difficulty kicks up a notch, but if you can make it through this chapter then you can make it through them all.

Chapter 9 – Desperate Times (approx. 45 minutes) – With no word from Cosmo, they head to see Worldmind. It’s a tough conversation that nearly breaks the team.

Chapter 10 – Test of Faith (approx. 1 hour 5 minutes) – Drax succumbs to the Promise, so its up to you to free him with a trek into a vast cavern network that leads to yet more truths for the team.

Chapter 11 – Mind Over Matter (approx. 25 minutes) – with the help of Mantis and Adam Warlock you head into Drax’s big old Melon in a big to cure him of the Promis’ influence.

Chapter 12 – Knowhere to Run (approx. 1 hour 55 minutes) – With Drax back and Adam Warlock on side (ish) you head to Knowhere again, where the Church has taken over in a bid to take the fight back to them.

Chapter 13 – Against All Odds (approx. 1 hour 15 minutes) – In desperation, the Guardians of the Galaxy decide to follow Drax’s plan to capture Fin Fang Foom to win Lady Hellbender over to their cause, so they head off to the planet Maklu IV.

Chapter 14 – Into the Fire (approx. 1 hour 5 minutes) – With Lady H and her monsters to help with the fight, Peter Quill and the team jump back to take on the Universal Church of Truth.

Chapter 15 – Broken Promises (approx. 50 minutes) – This is the final confrontation against Grand Unifier Raker to free Nikki from the influence of the Promise.

Chapter 16 – Magus (approx. 15 minutes) – The last of the Chapters sees Adam Warlock being overtaken by the malign forces of Magus, so it’s up to the Guardians to shake him out of it in their own sarcastic way.

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